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  1. Caroline reaches the cell where Damon is enclosed to replace Tyler in caring for Damon, she finds to Tyler lying on the floor, Caroline asks what happened to him and he tells her that Damon attacked him. Later, Caroline is with the others in the room of the Salvatore house as they have to Nadia dying there, they're hoping that Katherine appears.
  2. Möchten Sie sich das neue iPhone 6S oder 6S Plus zulegen, haben Sie die Wahl zwischen 16 GB, 64 GB und 128 GB Speicherplatz. Wir zeigen Ihnen, welches Modell zu welchem Typ passt und wie Sie auch mit 16 GB zufrieden sein können
  3. In The Walking Dead, Caroline had Elena helping her out with graduation announcements and she was completely against the idea of her killing Katherine.
  4. After learning that her mom is dying, Caroline arrives to the hospital with Stefan, Damon is there and tries to calm her, he says that Liz she slipped into a come and the doctors said that they can make her comfortable. Caroline desperate says she's not comfortable because she's dying. She is mad and sad because she didn't get to say good-bye to her mom. Still on the hospital, Caroline is with her mother who is in come and has DNR, with her are Damon, Elena, Stefan and Matt. Caroline says crying that she should have been with her, Stefan tries to console her telling her that she didn't know, Caroline says that she knew she was sick and she knew it was bad. She says that she was supposed to give her peace and convince her that she would be OK and thank her for being an amazing mom and that she doesn't remember the last thing that she said to her, that she was supposed to be with her in her final moment, Stefan then says that she still can.
  5. Later, they continue with the funeral at the grill, Caroline is receiving condolences and then she gets ready to leave. Elena walks over her asking if she is leaving, Caroline says she is done the whole funeral thing, Elena wants to go with her to home, but Caroline says that not, that she will be fine, Elena insists telling that she don't thinks that it's a good idea for her to be alone but Caroline says that is exactly what she needs actually, she hugs Elena and thanks her for everything she did, Elena isn't sure about leaving her alone but Caroline says that she will be fine and that she just had to get through today. Caroline leaves and Elena looks at her as if something has dawned onto her.

geniales gerät. als alte BB nutzer bin ich kurzeitig auf den iphone 4 umgestiegen bzw mich überreden lassen. Es hat keine 6 monate gedauert wo ich mein iphone wieder in die schublade gestellt habe. Wer solch ein Gerät/Smartphone um zu arbeiten braucht, der ist mit BB -trotz der vielen gerüchen- BESTENS bedient As she is writhing on the floor, Matt runs at Jonas, yelling at him to leave her alone and Jonas grabs a bottle and breaks it, stabbing Matt in the neck. Caroline runs to him as Jonas leaves, and her face becomes one of a vampire as she smells Matt's blood. In Let Her Go, Caroline wakes up on a couch and sees Matt, Elena, Tyler, and Stefan sleeping around her, Caroline stays for a moment looking at Stefan and then Caroline walks over to the kitchen where Damon is still trying to write Liz's eulogy. As Caroline opens the door, Damon rips a sheet of paper from a notebook and crumples it, she apologies with him telling that she is in there for water, she walks over to the sink and asks what is he not writing, he says that her mother entrusted him to eulogize her, she fills a glass with tap water, he says that Liz's trying to teach him a lesson about his own mom. Was supposed to do the eulogy at her funeral, he is to about continue but she interrupts him, telling that they don't have to share. She thinks that in her worst day of her life she don't need to start it off by bonding with him, when she is about to leave, Damon stops her, telling that it isn't the worst day of her life, that today and tomorrow, it's a cakewalk. And there will be people day in and day out like they're afraid to leave her alone, than the worst day is the next week when there's nothing but quiet, then she leaves. In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes, Caroline arrives at Tyler's house with a box of Tyler's things, interrupting a heated discussion between Tyler, Hayley and Klaus. While this is a fake display to legitimize a break-up between her and Tyler, Klaus believes it. Giving Caroline, Tyler, and Hayley space, Klaus leaves with two other hybrids.

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Later, Caroline is accompanied by Bonnie at the Bridal Shop. At the shop, Caroline and Bonnie are unaware that Damon has been ordered by Sybil to hunt down and kill Bonnie. While rehearsing the bouquet toss, Damon suddenly appears, catching the flowers with the dead bridal clerk in tow. Caroline, in an effort to protect Bonnie, tells her to run, while she attacks Damon. Though Damon is stronger than her and grabs her by the throat and throws her into the clothes rack, giving him time to look for Bonnie. Before he is able to attack Bonnie, Caroline retaliates by impaling Damon with a poll, from one of the racks, against the wall giving them time to escape. In Graduation, Caroline talks to Bonnie saying that everyone should be present in the Graduation event. Caroline calls Klaus asking him to return to save Damon but does not respond. Caroline graduating with others.

Buy iPhone 6 Online at best price and with exciting offers.Apple iPhone 6 Features and specifications include GB RAM, 16 GB GB ROM, 8 MP Back Camera and 1.2 MP Front Camera.Compare iPhone 6 with other mobile models by price and performance At the pageant, Caroline meets with Klaus, stating that he's perfect and that she can't even look at him. Caroline and Klaus catch sight of Tyler, with Hayley as his date, arriving at the event and she seems hurt. Caroline says, "Let's just get this day over with" and introduces the Mystic Court. When it's April's turn and Jeremy, her escort, doesn't show, Caroline seems worried. tefan then says that he isn't there because her mom asked him to look after her, Caroline asks then why is he there, and Stefan says because she is her friend, Caroline looks disappointed with that response, but he continues, he says that he know what it feels like to lose a mother, and because when she told him that she hated him, that was pretty much the worst thing she had heard in a long time, she then smiles and says that they both know she never really hated him. One of us should probably say something. Stefan looks at Caroline tenderly and puts his hand on his neck, then he kisses her for first time, Caroline kiss him back and they kiss tenderly, then they smile and Caroline says with a nervous smile that one of them should probably say something, he says "Go for it" but Caroline laughing says that not that. Caroline invited Jesse to the traditional Remembrance Day to honor the dead in Mystic Falls, they begin to study together. Jesse asks why she invited him, to which she replies that it's because he likes her, Jesse distracts her and takes the opportunity to kiss her, he then tells her he's sorry and they continue studying.

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Caroline is one of the popular girls at school, the captain of the cheerleading squad, and was organizing the parties and always displaying a high degree of leadership among her friends. Beautiful and chic, she was also very strong and determined, much like her mother, Elizabeth Forbes. She is extremely loyal and protective of her friends. She has a sensitive and loving nature. Despite having a confident exterior and high social prestige, underneath it all Caroline was very insecure, neurotic, and upset that she could never say the right thing to make guys fall for her. This tended to make her an overachiever at times, creating flaws and complexities in her character, leading to various matters that factor into her development as she overcomes them. Especially when it came to Elena, as she always felt she was in Elena's shadow. She considers Elena her competition when it comes to life in general. When she started dating Matt Donovan she began to see life in a less shallow manner and Caroline overcame these insecurities and became confident in herself. After a while Damon arrives at the event and when Caroline sees him she becomes visibly upset telling him that he was supposed to be guarding Stefan. Damon informs her that Arcadius is in town, freed Stefan and has tasked him to kill her. Damon reassures her that he has a plan B. As they discuss the current events Damon suggests that Caroline get everyone else out of the school premises by sundown and that she herself has to hide. The next day, Caroline finds Stefan in the crypt and she is very sad because she has learned about the death of Bonnie, Stefan asks what happened to Bonnie but she says she doesn't want to talk about it because she doesn't want to cry, as she believes she will never stop. She tells him the only thing she feels is sadness and anger but Stefan then interrupts and says that she has him, he will always be there for her as she is always there for him, then he takes her hand.

Tyler throws a party at his house to compensate. Caroline is confused about how Tyler managed to do all of this so quickly. Caroline finds Elena and Matt and tells them that Klaus is there, but becomes suspicious when they don't act that surprised. Later, Tyler confronts her about plans to kill Klaus and doesn't believe Caroline when she says she isn't involved in any scheme to kill him. Caroline says he can't be trusted anymore but he stabs her with vervain. Later, Matt checks Caroline's pulse and questions Tyler on what happened. Erklären Sie den Unterschied zwischen Galaxy A21s und HTC Desire 820, indem Sie Galaxy A21s und HTC Desire 820 vergleichen. Diejenigen, die darüber nachdenken, ob Sie Galaxy A21s oder HTC Desire 820 kaufen möchten, werfen Sie bitte einen Blick darauf After the botched funeral for Tyler, Caroline, Alaric and Stefan go to Mystic Grill. While the boys talk, she checks in with Bonnie and her attempts to get Enzo's humanity turned back on. She relates her account of how she had her humanity turned back on, telling Bonnie that she had to face her biggest fear: that she wasn’t worth loving anymore and that her mom would be ashamed with her. After the conversation with Bonnie ends, the meeting with Stefan and Alaric commences. Caroline is worried that Damon might go after another one of their friends and, along with Stefan and Alaric, they decide that Damon needs to be put down, since he has no free will while under the control of Sybil. Damon tells Caroline that Tyler is loyal to Klaus because Klaus sired him. He tells Caroline to get a new boyfriend when she asks how to fix it. Tyler wakes up to find Caroline with him. She tells him she brought him home. He asks what's wrong, and she tells him he's turned into the old him, the way he was before he was a werewolf. He apologizes, saying she brings out the best in him and he wouldn't be complete without her. Good news: There are no more 16GB iPhones ($900 at Sprint) in Apple's lineup. Even the lowest-end iPhone SE ($190 at eBay) and iPhone 6s ($450 at Boost Mobile) SKUs come with 32GB, which, let's.

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Later at the party Caroline is dancing with Jesse, they are talking about the last time that he kissed her, when Caroline takes the initiative and kisses him, they kiss passionately but Jesse bites her, she is surprised by this and Jesse leaves the party, leaving Caroline puzzled. Ist ein iPhone 16 GB ausreichend? Mit unseren Tipps schon - ein wenig Kompromossbereitschaft vorausgesetzt. Apple bietet fast alle iPhones und iPads auch mit nur 16 GB Speicher an. Marketing The next morning Caroline is in her bed sleeping. She awakens to find a woman beside her bed, again, and recoils. "Elena?" she asks. "Nope." "Try again.". "Katherine." Caroline concludes correctly and recoils further against the headboard of her bed as Katherine sits on it. "Don't be frightened." "We're gonna to have so much fun together." She says deviously. Caroline calls to Sloan and tells her the info is bad. She asks for Stefan and she tells him that Tom has been gone for months. She asks if he saw anything else and he tells her that he blacked out after the spell. Sloan says they need to go deeper and Caroline says he's seeing old memories but then Sloan starts the spell again, despite Caroline's concerns, Sloan goes back into Stefan's head to get more information Caroline stays on the phone and tries to help him, Enzo listens with interest. Caroline is desperate to hear screaming Stefan and she begs to him to say something to her and finally he gives her Hazel’s address and describes her. He explains to her that with her immortality as a vampire she is free but Caroline disagrees, stating that she is dying instead. Klaus tells her that he could let her die if she truly believed that her existence had no meaning, admitting that he had thought about it several times himself. He then explains to her that the rest of the world is waiting for her, filled with great cities, art, music, and genuine beauty, convincing her to want to stay alive. Klaus then gives her his blood. Caroline wakes up the next morning, having been cured by Klaus' blood. Klaus also left her a bracelet as a birthday gift.

Klaus relays a story of how one of his horses was once killed as his father tried to kill him. Caroline tells him that she is a good person and likes people and people like her, unlike him. She leaves. He also shows her his collection of art, revealing that he is also an amateur artist. Caroline is surprised to learn that the beautiful drawings were done by him. He offers to take her to see the beauty of the world. Elena concedes that Caroline is still upset over Matt but not to project it on her Stefan. Caroline denies she is projecting saying.

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Caroline told Rebekah by speaker that she send the details and pictures of Cryptex to her e-mail. But Klaus said to Rebekah that he helped them and told the told the Translation of Cryptex in English that there is only one dosage of Cure. Apple iPhone XR 64GB for only $799.99 - Clearance Apple iPhone 6s Plus 16GB - $334.99 Apple iPhone 6s 32GB - $194.99 Apple iPhone 6 16GB - $199.99 - Clearance Apple iPhone 5c 16GB - $89.99 Apple iPhone 5s 16GB - $119.99 Apple iPhone SE 16GB - $154.99 Call us at 647-343-1655 for further detail (No emails please) Visit our store for more. She thought Matt was distancing himself from her, but he pointed out that he has treated her the same since they were children. They bonded and started dating each other, even though she knew Matt was still in love with Elena. Matt's mother, Kelly Donovan, didn't like Elizabeth and made it clear that she was not fond of Caroline either, upon her return. She constantly called Caroline Matt's rebound girl. Matt was meant to be her escort for the "Miss Mystic Falls" competition, but he had to work so she got a replacement escort. She won, and became Miss Mystic Falls. She was thrilled and hugged Elena, who was very happy for her. Caroline points out she's frozen and is never going to be eighteen. Bonnie, Elena, Caroline, and Matt walk into a strange old building that's in the middle of the woods. Elena says that instead of a birthday, Caroline needs a funeral in order to mourn her old life and move on. Elena, Matt, and Bonnie list Caroline's human qualities and accomplishments. Bonnie uses her powers to light the candles on Caroline's cake and Elena asks Caroline to make a wish. Later, Elena, Bonnie, Matt, and Caroline are still held up in the creepy building. Caroline is busy on her phone and Elena is skeptical about what she's doing.

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In Welcome to Paradise, Caroline is ready to leave the dorm room after having a sleep over with Elena. She tries to convince her to stay but Caroline declines. Elena then asks her to come to the pool party but Caroline tells her about her breakfast date with Enzo. A surprised Elena asks her to invite Enzo as well. Caroline calls Matt, saying that Elena doesn't seem like herself since Alaric took away her Damon feelings. Matt thinks it's just because Elena is happy. Damon came up with a plan to try and get Elena out of danger by trying to find a loophole. If one were to stab an Original, all four would fall. Caroline agrees to distract Klaus who is with Kol at the Grill. After Caroline rejects the drink he offers her and leaves, Klaus thinks Kol is challenging him to win her over, so he follows her, almost getting hit by a car. Klaus says he's over their "spat" and tries to charm her into talking. They sit together and she says she's too smart to be seduced by him, but he says, "Well, that's why I like you." He feels it when Alaric stabs Kol and demands Caroline tell him what she did, but she insists she did nothing as he leaves to find Kol. When Tripp manages to capture Damon, Caroline and Elena drive to one of the roads leading to Mystic Falls border. Caroline disables Elena's car blocking one of the roads into town. Elena confesses she wants her memories of loving Damon back and Caroline is happy to hear this. Later, Stefan calls Caroline to inform her that they manage to save both Damon and Enzo but unfortunately Alaric crossed the border and is now human. She breaks this news to Elena whose memories can't be returned now. Later, Stefan finds her on the street outside. He wants to know what to say so they can go back to being friends again. But after everything, she doesn't want to be friends anymore. Caroline is making Margaritas at the bar and Stefan and Elena arrive asking where is Sarah, she says that Sarah isn't there and she looks over at Enzo's cellphone, which is in the middle of a phone call to Sarah's cell and is on speaker. Suddenly, Liam's voice comes through the speaker, sounding shaky and panicked, Caroline says that Sarah is helping Liam with his surgical skills, Stefan and Elena look at her terrified. Caroline compel Liam to kill sarah when she gives him the orden, Elena and Stefan tries to make her see reason but Caroline doesn't listen, she teases all of what Elena says, telling her that still when she just compelled a student to perform surgery on Stefan's niece she found a way to make it about her(Elena). Stefan says that he will leave the town and that he will stay as far away from her as possible if she let Sarah go. Caroline says that's the problem, because it doesn't really matter how far away he is because he is still he, kind, loyal, she puts little umbrellas into the margaritas and continues telling that he is who with one look, can convince her that she is not crazy and that's the Stefan that she fell for and that's the Stefan who can bring her back. She says that she wants Stefan to change and and that means turning his humanity off, Stefan and Elena say that it's not gonna happen.After finally find out where is Liam with Sarah, Elena goes in search of them and Stefan stays with Caroline.

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Tyler shared a last moment with Caroline outdoor and Tyler said she has to forget everything about how they met in love and every romantic episodes in her life until they find a way. She cried and kissed for last time and said until they figure a way out of this and Tyler with no option left Mystic Falls. In Coming Home Was a Mistake, Caroline and Stefan are seen happily sharing a morning breakfast when her phone rings; Matt calls and delivers terrible news, Tyler was murdered by Damon. Matt arrives at the Salvatore Boarding House with his coffin; much like everyone else she is devastated over his untimely demise. Besides Matt, she was one of the people who were the closest to him. After the initial shock, Stefan becomes angry at how his brother killed Tyler. As he breaks a glass of bourbon, Caroline tells him that (breaking glasses and being angry) won't bring Tyler back. She then proceeds to sit down and they talk. She tells him it’s been months since she and Tyler last spoke, since they both were so busy. Stefan expresses that he doesn’t know what to do about Damon. Directing is rage towards Damon, Caroline tells him the best thing to do is to mourn Tyler with their friends. At the party, Caroline talks to Elena about Damon, Elena tells to her that Damon is with Wes questioning him about his experiments, Caroline assures Elena that Damon is going kill to Wes, Elena disagrees but Caroline takes the opposite. Great Prices On Iphone 16 Gb. Find It On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Find Iphone 16 Gb On eBay

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  1. iPhone XS 512 GB por 1.079,00 euros, Powerbeats Pro por 200,99 euros y HomePod por 299 euros: Cazando Gangas No es una baca ni un iPhone 4 gigante: son los sensores del coche autónomo de Apple Ver más artículo
  2. utes later Caroline stops short and Elena blows past her asking what is it? "They've been here" she response and stoops down to exa
  3. Caroline tells Elena that she doesn't agree with Salvatore brothers torturing her. Of course, she wants Elena to turn her emotions back on, but she thinks that they shouldn’t make her suffer. She tells Elena that this emotionless version of her is not who she is. Elena asks Caroline: "What makes you such an expert on who I am?" while playing with the empty bottle. "Because we've been friends for ever," in Caroline's answer. When Elena tells her that she should move on, Caroline grabs the rotting bottle, saying that she’s not giving up on Elena.

April Young later finds Caroline stuffed in the bathroom stall and freaks out since Caroline doesn't have a pulse, calling for someone to help. Just as she is going to leave to find someone to help her, Caroline appears in front of her and calls Stefan, with a confused April before her. Caroline compels April to forget what she saw and leave, but April isn't compelled thanks to the vervain bracelet Jeremy gave her. Caroline comes across Matt, who tells her April can't be compelled. Lastly, Caroline informs Stefan that Damon and Elena are together. She looks on as Stefan takes his anger out at this news. "Told yah!" she says triumphantly, her incredible might easily overpowering his werewolf enhanced strength. Then she knees him in the groin and simultaneously flings him down onto the ground. Then while he was down on his hands and knees she kicks him in the stomach lifting him up and sending him flying another 20 feet with his right side hitting another tree, much like a punted football. He was still going up when she hit it. He landed with yelp on his stomach still conscious. Elena is astonished. Caroline is elated. She tells Elena to come on and they both run off at a human speed jog with Mason seeing them go.

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  1. In For Whom the Bell Tolls, Caroline is talking on the phone with Elena about Stefan and his loss of memory, Caroline tells her that she is studying hard to learn more about it and also to try to impress Dr. Maxfield, so she can get closer to him and find out why he covered up their roommate's murder by a vampire, and it's also possible that she has a study buddy, Jesse.
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  3. g cores with core base frequency of 4.2GHz and 8MB of cache memory. Kick.

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Caroline and Stefan are talking on the cell about Damon and Elena because Stefan wants to help them to reconcile, Stefan wants Caroline's help but initially she refuses then Caroline feels guilty about sleeping with Klaus and for this reason she agrees to help Stefan with Damon and Elena relationship. As they find out that Elena doesn't answer Damon's calls she tries to find her herself, with no luck. Outside the Amory, Caroline finds Stefan sitting alone reflecting on his actions. She apologizes to him for cutting him off like she did and takes back his engagement ring. She then asks him about the sacrifice he had to make in order to protect the girls from the Sirens and from Cade. He confesses that he gave into Damon's promise (an eternity of misery), that he surrendered his immortal soul to Cade and to serve him like that of the Sirens. Caroline cries, as her marriage and life with Stefan is in jeopardy, has she only has a final 24 hours with Stefan; his one condition before he has to serve Cade. "She already has" Stefan tells Elena. With apparent realization that that was it; after a moments pause as she absorbed the importance of the moment, she gets up and leaves the Grill. Caroline heard the break up but isn't at all pleased. Damon is also at the Grill and he also heard everything. He has an ever so slight Mona Lisa smile hearing them break up. Nadia interrupts and reminds Caroline that everyone knows that she isn't winning friends with her romantic choices, referring to Klaus, Tyler leaves the room upset and Caroline follows him, Caroline tells him that Nadia is just trying to get under their skin to distract them but Tyler tells her that what Matt did is easier to believe than other things that have happened, referring to her and Klaus having sex, Tyler ends the conversation and leaves the house through the front door.

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In I Carry Your Heart With Me, Caroline wakes up and tells Bonnie that "she'd lost more sleep if Bonnie sneak out without saying 'hi.'" They hug and Bonnie tells her that she'll work on a way to unravel the skin-burning spell that Valerie put on her when she has the time.She also tells Caroline that she's helping Alaric try to connect Jo's spirit and her body using the Phoenix Stone and that her job is to let him down easily. Stefan and Caroline are forced to spend the night distracting Mary Louise and Nora at Whitmore College's Heaven & Hell ball. Caroline, who apparently had already planned on attending the party, is on patrol duty with Stefan. They're pretty good at it Stefan saves three lives until they get into an argument about Valerie. Caroline wants him to ask her to undo the vervain-as-skin spell, but she's also nervous that if he talks to Valerie, he'll fall for his first love again. During this spat, Nora and Mary Lou escape.Stefan is able to use her vulnerability to vervain-syringe her to sleep; then he uses her as leverage Nora to un-vervain Caroline’s skin. It almost doesn't work, but Caroline was there all along, and they finally get Nora to siphon out the magic. Caroline told Tyler by voice mail that Jeremy died and to call her. She later joined by missing Bonnie and met Matt, Elena in the dining room. Bonnie told them she could bring Jeremy back by completing Expression Triangle to get enough power. Bonnie told them that she can drop the veil between this side and Other Side and bring all supernatural creatures from dead. Caroline and Matt were against it and said all monsters would be back for revenge. Bonnie was Caroline's best friend but when Caroline became a vampire, their relationship became strained. Prior to Caroline's transformation, they were cheerleaders in high school and were always hanging out together. Bonnie had been wary of Caroline as a vampire, but gradually their friendship was strengthened. After Bonnie was brought back to life, she enrolls at the same university that Caroline besides being roommates with Elena. Caroline is the first to learn about the sex life of Bonnie with Jeremy, her boyfriend. They have always remained best friends despite the many challenges they have faced. They have been there for each other many times and protect one another when they are in trouble. Besides Elena being involved with many arguments with Caroline over the seasons, Caroline and Bonnie have never shared a disagreement or a physical fight, until Season Seven, when Bonnie is forced to become a Supernatural Huntress. Caroline is currently trying to save Bonnie from a lifelong misery of being forced to hunt vampires. Bonnie however is making it difficult being she is wired to hate vampires now. However, after helping cure Bonnie, Caroline and Bonnie have bigger problems being Enzo and Damon were captured by the Armory's monster. Caroline acknowledges how devastated Bonnie was to lose Enzo, the love of her life, and Damon, her best guy friend. Since Caroline was introduced, her style has changed drastically, seemingly since her transition into a vampire. As a human, Caroline's clothing style included pinks and yellows, expressively bright colors which would draw attention to herself. Caroline took care of her appearance, always making sure to match her hairstyle and accessories to her daily outfits. Caroline's accessories were very eye-catching; large earrings, small bags, jewelry, and hairbands. The one color Caroline is rarely seen wearing is the color "blue", as she told Damon that her clothes seemed too tight on her body. In American Gothic, when Caroline gets a bunch of calls from Klaus, she goes to his mansion and finds him suffering. he begs her to take the shard of white oak out of his back but doesn't have considerably more luck than he had with Caroline(Silas). She says she'll do it -- if he promises to let Tyler come back to town. And, of course, doesn't kill him. Klaus does not like these terms one bit. rightly points out that Klaus gets in his own way, and she's not wrong at all.

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  1. Bonnie comes to Forbes house and Caroline thinks that Bonnie is Silas, but Bonnie sees Caroline's mother is Silas and opens the locked door with magic. Bonnie asks Silas where is Caroline's mother and his answer is that she is where Caroline has left her. Caroline runs to living room, where she finds her mother lying on the floor. Because her mom is dying, she grabs first aid kit and pulls out a syringe, which she stabs into her neck and takes some of her blood and then she injects the blood into Elizabeth's heart, but her mother isn't waking up and Caroline is crying and begging her to come back. Then, Caroline's mom comes back.
  2. Later at the pool party, Caroline isn't surprised when Stefan doesn't picks Elena's phone. Elena summons Matt and Tyler for Jell-o shots, but Tyler declines for "rage issue" reasons and Matt says he has to deal with Jay. Elena thinks they're drifting apart and Caroline makes a subtle reference to Elena choosing to forget about Damon, and all her problems. The boys excuse themselves. Caroline bites her tongue, but leaves Elena by herself.
  3. g Klaus that he's not with her and has surrendered the deed to his house to Matt Donovan. Klaus steps forward and points out that it was Tyler's intent to kill him and that it's unfair of Caroline to hate him for driving him away in response. Caroline disagrees, suggesting that she does hate him before telling him to go away.
  4. Later on the night, While Luke sits outside on the porch, Stefan, Elena, Damon and Caroline play charades inside. Elena mimes while Stefan tries to guess, Caroline is serious and thoughtful, she seems to be upset with Stefan and Elena. Damon decides that's time to play "never have I ever", Elena not agree but Caroline is enthusiastic about the idea, they begin to play and drink, after many drinks Caroline says that she never have she ever kissed a Salvatore brother today, making an indirect to Stefan and Elena, they all are in an awkward silence, she asks if they are going to drink or not, Elena ask to her if she is implying something but Stefan interrupts saying he wants to do another round, Damon say that never have he ever lied about where Enzo is, they all look around at each other in silent. Caroline ask what is going on and Stefan says that nothing. Damon and Stefan start arguing and Elena says that she is drunk and wants to go to sleep, she leaves.
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  6. Ignoring the question Elena ask where is Stefan, Mason, with a hard face, says he did see him or Damon and walks closer to the two. Elena ask where are they. "You don't need me for that. I'll let your friend sniff them out" he says sardonically to Caroline. Caroline looks at Mason with a hard face as well. "Does your mother know what you are?!? Mason ask hostilely. Caroline is taken aback that he knows. "I'm happy to tell her" he says. She makes a move about to go into super-speed to attack him, but Mason grabs Elena and puts her in a figure 4 rear naked choke hold.

Tyler tells Matt to get Caroline away from there, but Matt wants to know what's happening. Tyler tells Matt all he does is to protect Caroline. Tyler tells Matt to get Caroline and anyone else he cares about away from the party quickly and leaves. Caroline wakes up in her room. Tyler appears and asks if she's okay, apologizing, but she says she's past forgiveness. Tyler asks her if she would have left if she had known that the others were trying to take down Klaus. Caroline asks how they're meant to be together if Tyler is sired to Klaus, but he says he's okay with it. Tyler begs Caroline not to turn her back on him. Caroline's at the hospital as she waits to check in on Bill after Tyler attacked him. Meredith, who gave Bill the blood that healed him, is unhappy that Bill is ungrateful. She apologizes to Caroline for her attitude. Caroline is hurt to know that Bill was discharged the previous night. She meets Elena down the hall and says Meredith is nice but intense. Caroline calls Bill but hears his phone ringing in a nearby room. Caroline and Elena enter the room and find Bill's dead body. In Dance Back from the Grave, Caroline was referenced as Marcel mentioned that Klaus is in a good mood and that he should go back to Mystic Falls more often. This comes after the events in 500 Years of Solitude. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Mobile. The mobile Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 is a graphics card for high end laptops.It is based on the Pascal architecture and manufactured in 16 nm FinFET at TSMC

Damon embraced her but raised the stake to stake her through the heart . Stefan arrived just in time, with Elena by his side. Caroline mistook Elena for Katherine at first but she explained, although Caroline still didn't understand why she looked like her and why Katherine did this to her. As Stefan tried to get Caroline inside, Damon tried to kill her again. This time Elena interposed herself between Caroline and Damon's raised stake, protesting that she was her friend. Damon backed down but told her that everything that Caroline did from then on was on Elena. Additional updates by Matt, they come to a crime scene, where Seline and the girls had previously been. Alaric checks in with another officer about what happened and tells Caroline, upon asking, that she didn’t want to know. Alaric blames himself as Seline has been right in front of him all this time. Alaric angrily punches one of the windows of his car, shattering the glass and Caroline reassures him that they will find them. They depart, moving on to the next location.

Stefan and Caroline bring Liz to the hospital. Elena joins Caroline at the hospital outside of Liz' room, Elena tries to distract Caroline from worrying about Liz. They talk about how Bonnie never likes to stay away from them on Christmas and feel sad. When Elena mentions how Damon and her spend the night trying to find a way to bring back Bonnie, Caroline surprises her by saying that its great how Damon is always there for Elena. Later, Stefan and Elena finds out that Liz has cancer and she didn't tell it to Caroline yet. Stefan and Elena talk about what to do and Stefan seems quite sad and desperate. They fought against the evil but they never faced something like this, that they don't have a plan for. He says that Caroline is a good person, she's happy, she's kind, she doesn't deserve this. The key to everything is Elena's necklace but this time Bonnie has to destroy it. Elena says she walked in on Jeremy and Anna kissing. Later, Caroline calls Elena again because the necklace isn't where Damon told them it would be and they can't contact him. Elena disregards her worries because she has another plan in mind and tells Caroline to stop Bonnie from sending the ghosts back, for now. Elena tells Caroline that Lexi is helping Stefan again. Bonnie overhears and asks Caroline. Caroline eventually relents and tells Bonnie about Jeremy and Anna's kiss. Caroline assures Bonnie that they will find the necklace. Caroline and Alaric take the girls back to the Armory for overnight observation by the Armory doctors. Alaric seems to have regretted the painful things he previously said to Caroline and takes the moment to apologize. She turns to Alaric and reassures him that even though they are not genetically her's, she is still the girls' mother: she raised them, loved them and felt like she was dying when they were missing. Despite this, she admits to Alaric that he was right about one thing. That darkness does follow her everywhere she goes and that he should indeed take Lizzie and Josie away from her until everything is over. In Know Thy Enemy, Caroline spends most of the day looking for Matt. Unable to find him, she returns home to find Matt waiting for her in her house. Matt, still a bit afraid of her, backs off a bit but asks her to tell him everything about Vicki and vampires. She tells him everything and explains that she couldn't stay away from him because she loved him.

Elena, stunned ask were her out burst came from. Caroline says she is trying to be her friend but Elena is unappreciative and tells her to stop trying. The tow truck finally approaches and Elena says she is going to walk, but then Caroline grabs her by the arm pleading not to go, but too tightly causing Elena to say she is hurting her. Caroline practically begging says don't leave her alone. "What is wrong with you?" Elena asks Caroline. The truck stops besides them and the driver inquires if they are the ones who called in the flat tire. "She did" Elena says to Caroline and walks off. At the driveway, she is surprised by Klaus showing up. They go on a walk and talk about his departure from Mystic Falls. Klaus asks her to come to New Orleans with him, asking her what is she afraid of. Caroline answers that she’s afraid of him. As they continue the conversation, it is revealed that Klaus is Silas. Then he stabs her and she passes out. Later in the college Caroline is preparing her room for Bonnie too, then Katherine arrives and understands that she has to go. When Nadia comes and starts talking to Katherine, Caroline discovers that Nadia is the daughter of Katherine and she is surprised about that.

Also ich habe jetzt von nem 64gb iPhone 6 auf ein 32gb iPhone 7 plus gewechselt. Der Aufpreis von 110 Euro ist immer noch viel zu happig, auch wenn es nun statt von 16 auf 64 gleich von 32 auf 128gb geht. Zumal beim plus die magische Grenze von 1000 Euro überschritten wird. 16gb waren mir zu wenig, klar In Today Will Be Different, Caroline narrates a diary entry for Elena about Bonnie and Enzo, while sitting in the driver's seat in her parked car just outside the Salvatore Boarding House. She writes about how Enzo has left Bonnie clues about the enemy they now face and that he is still on their side. Caroline then goes on to talk about how she is moving in with Stefan and that the house is old and that either he is doing some home improvements or taking out his frustrations. She is then seen talking on the phone with Alaric about how the girls remain ignorant to the threat they previously faced, Virginia's attempt to kill them. Caroline's attitude towards Seline seems to have changed drastically, believing that the latter almost died while trying to protect her children. At the carnival and inside the high school, she found Damon and delivered him Katherine's message, letting him know that she was a vampire by telling him that she was remembering all of the times he made her forget things. She hooked up with her boyfriend at ring toss attraction. Not knowing her strength she broke a few bottles with the ring. She then embraced him but then suddenly detected his throbbing blood-filled vein and had the extremely strong sense to feed. She pushed him away and left leaving him confused. In tears, she came across Carter in a remote part of the carnival grounds, he was bleeding from the nose from the fight with Tyler and his uncle. Later that evening they exchange Tripp with Sheriff Liz but only to find out that Enzo turned Tripp into a vampire so when he crosses the border magic wears off and Tripp dies. Caroline and Stefan bring Liz to the hospital to get a check up. Caroline doesn't want Stefan to stay at hospital and says him to leave but Stefan refuses and stays with them then asks Liz for her help with fixing his friendship with Caroline but Liz doesn't think it's her place to help Stefan and she's on Caroline's side.

Caroline and Matt were being driven home by Tyler Lockwood on Founder's Day, and Caroline was in the front seat. Tyler reacted to the device and the car went out of control, driving into a barrier. After he was deemed alive and fine, Caroline collapsed due to internal injuries. She was rushed to the hospital where the doctors took her into surgery. A tearful Elizabeth told Matt that her chances weren't very good but that the surgeons would do everything they could. In This Woman's Work, Caroline is taking Josie and Lizzie to New Orleans to meet her friend in the 3 year flash forward. Caroline and Stefan at first had no close relationship. After she became a vampire, Stefan saved her from Damon and promised her that he would never let anything happen to her. Since then, Stefan has been taking care of Caroline like her mentor, helping her to be a good vampire. He has saved her several times, Caroline told him that every time he feels he's about to lose control she will be there for him. Caroline has given Stefan pivotal emotional support, she has always supported his relationship with Elena and she was the person who revealed to Stefan that Elena was sired to Damon, by her, he also learned that Elena had had sex with Damon. When Stefan lost his memories for a spell, Caroline was the only person that he trusts immediately, upon learning about Bonnie's death, Stefan told Caroline that he would always be for her as she has always been for him, Caroline helped to Stefan with all his problems. After the loss of Damon, Stefan left Mystic Falls, Caroline tried to contact Stefan, but he just put her away, later she and Enzo found Stefan. After being apart for some time Stefan realizes his mistake and tries to make up for it, they become again friends, Caroline's feelings towards him became evident and after Liz fell sick from cancer Stefan always try to be with her, he cares and show some feeling for her too, after spending much time together, Stefan took the first step and kissed her finally.

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Later at the Mystic Grill Caroline is in the Grill's lavatory at the sink freshening up in the mirror. Then she hears footsteps and Katherine appears in the reflection. Caroline turns around with trepidation. Katherine is angry because Caroline didn't do exactly what she said and occupy Elena and keep her from returning home and contacting Stefan (Elena came home just as Katherine "escaped" from Stefan and menace Elena). She attended Mystic Falls High School, where she was the captain of the cheerleading squad, honor student, head of the dance committees, Mystic Falls beautification committee, head of the recycling program, "Go Green" campaign, Miss Mystic Falls, and one of the most popular girls in the school. She later attended Whitmore College with Elena and Bonnie where she majored in drama. Bonnie cast the spell on the ring, but Caroline indicated that she was expecting incantations and the other attributes of spell casting. Stefan chided her but Caroline protested that she wanted to make sure that the spell worked. With that Bonnie pulled back the curtains to let in all the sunlight including rays that struck Caroline. Caroline yelped and screeched but the sunlight didn't harm her at all. "It worked" Bonnie said with a bit of mocking.

Caroline is with Tyler at school and they're working on decorations for the upcoming Homecoming Dance. Tyler asks if they can leave to go and eat. Caroline realizes Tyler wants to feed on people. He tells her Rebekah has some friends who "enjoy being fed on," and he enjoys it. He tells her Matt is going to the dance with Rebekah that night. Caroline is visibly jealous. Tyler assures her if he's sired to anyone, it's her. That night, the gym is flooded so the dance is cancelled, annoying Caroline. Minutes later Caroline catches up to her as she sits next to a small waterfall plucking leaves off a plant . Sitting down besides her she ask if she is okay. "Nope. Maybe it is for the best" Caroline says. Angry appearing Elena snaps at her saying none of this is for the best. She then immediately apologies and didn't mean to take it out on her saying to Caroline that she was only being a good friend. Caroline slightly shakes her head at that knowing that she wasn't being a good friend to Elena. "No I'm not. I'm not being a good friend at all" Elena looks surprised at the near confession. Stefan says to Caroline that they are gonna live in Liz memories with Caroline, he says to Caroline to try to clear her mind and think about her favorite memory of her mom. Caroline says that she don't know because there are many, and Stefan says to her to relax, Caroline takes Liz's hand, and enter in her mind, the favorite memory with her mom was when she was trying to ride the bike, Liz helped to her to do it alone, then after finish Liz finally dies, Caroline starts to cry and tell them that her mom is gone.

Ethan and the Vitale Society are determined to resurrect the Old One. Klaus was later resurrected by Ethan Crane using the blood of vampires descended from him through Changing. After his resurrection, he kills Ethan, drinking his blood, and notices Elena. He tells her he wants to taste her and plants a kiss on her, walking away. Caroline, Elena, Bonnie, and Tyler plan for Senior Prank Night. In a dark hallway, Tyler is trying to be romantic with Caroline but she brings up Matt, asking if he thinks he's okay. Tyler tells Caroline that Matt is struggling, but he is happy. Rebekah turns up, introduces herself as the new girl, and then attacks. Caroline wakes up on the floor and tries to figure out where she is while Rebekah talks about mobile phones.

Caroline continues to pack their belongings, she ask to Bonnie what are they even suppose to take, Bonnie just sits on her bed in silence, Caroline reclaimed to her why she is just sitting there and Bonnie says to her that she is thinking. After Caroline get annoying Bonnie says that she think that know how to get them all back from the other side and that she need to find Enzo. Caroline and Bonnie rush to the Salvatore House to find weapons they can use against Sybil. While searching Caroline talks about how they can't invite Damon, though Bonnie retorted that he will be her brother-in-law or perhaps they will have a destination wedding. When they are ready to leave the house they find Sybil sitting in a chair in the living room, by the fireplace, reading the Caroline’s wedding book she had made drawings in when she was in the 6th grade. Sybil tells Caroline that she liked a tiara design and Caroline gets back with a snide comment, telling her that she has the fashion sense of an 11 year old. Bonnie and Caroline, knowing they can't fight Sybil directly, decide to sit down and listen to what she has to say, as she wants to question Bonnie about the ‘hold’ (devotion) she has over Damon and Enzo. Unlike Stefan, Caroline covers her tracks in order to avoid suspicion by the authorities. She follows an elaborate "routine", which is to attend school and look as normal as possible, just without feelings. Stefan makes an effort to convince Caroline to let go and live recklessly. It works, and Caroline strays from her "routine" and becomes even more dangerous and joins him with several killing sprees. She even contemplates killing Tyler and Matt, and even gets Tyler to accidentally stake Matt by pushing Matt in front of her when Tyler tried to stake her. In I'll Remember, it's been four months since Bonnie and Damon died and Caroline has spend all her summer with her mom. After dropping out of college, she got an apartment on the edge of Mystic Falls. While Caroline is on a picnic with her mom outside town, Elena calls her to inform her that she's picking her up for the football game tomorrow. Liz urges Caroline to spend some time with Elena. Caroline thinks it's weird that Elena hasn't grieved for Damon at all. But then, Liz gets called away on a report of two kids showing up at the hospital with bite wounds. Later, Caroline meets Alaric in a diner. He's giving her books on magic to research a way to reverse the Traveler's spell over Mystic Falls. She hasn't heard from Stefan since he left town four months ago and is upset about it. At that time the teacher Wes Maxfield enters and starts his class. Elena tells Caroline that Jesse is cute, interested and most importantly, unlike Tyler, he's there. They continue talking, but are disrupted by the teacher and when they can't answer his questions, he kicks them out, as he knows exactly they are freshman and have no place in this class.

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  1. The next day, Klaus dug 12 graves for the 12 witches. Klaus said Caroline could tell herself she did it to save her best friend, but the math doesn't lie: One life lost is better than 12. It sunk in: "I just killed 12 people," she said, her face appropriately horrified. It looked like he was going to help her through compulsion. "You look like you're in need of comfort," he said. Then he paused. "Why don't you find someone less terrible that you can relate to?" Then Caroline left.
  2. In Age of Innocence, Caroline, still being held hostage by the Heretics, learns some information about Valerie's past. Valerie sent Stefan a telegraph saying she would meet him. Stefan waited and waited and waited, but Valerie never showed. Valerie tells Caroline, "There was a change of plan" and stops telling her story. Later Lily releases Caroline.
  3. Outside the high school, as Damon chases Bonnie, Alaric incapacitated Sybil with the Tuning Fork. While Sybil is down, Caroline, using a combination of super speed and super strength to knock Sybil unconscious. Having captured Sybil, they imprison her in a holding cell within the Armory. Given the events after the fight (Enzo turning off his humanity), Caroline tells Stefan that she will be staying with Bonnie for the night.
  4. g a vampire) and explains what it is to be a vampire to Dorian. She tells him that vampirism makes you stronger and that everything is heightened for vampires. Matt jumps in and tells Dorian that emotions like violence and pain are also heightened and that this is a choice you can't walk away from in an effort to prevent Dorian from getting any ideas about beco
  5. Caroline stops in her tracks as Mason threatens to snap Elena's neck. Sounding a little like she was reassuring herself as well as warning Mason she says "I can take you" "Wanna bet?" he says. Now sounding totally defiant she says "Yeah I do!" and burst into speed. She tears Elena out of his arms, grabs his football player physique by his purple V neck Tee shirt and push him up against a tree probably 20 feet away and grab his neck with her right hand, with him letting out a yelp as he slams against the bark; all in less than three seconds.
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After Elena changed the subject by turning up the car's mp3 player ("We Radiate" by Goldfrapp) Caroline's sabotaged tire blows out and they have to stop the car. It's soon night time and Caroline has made a call to the towing company for them to come and get the car, but it is taking exceedingly long and an antsy Elena wants to call Jenna, presumably to pick them up. Caroline stalls further by saying she will call the tow company again and use her "agro voice". When she runs into Bonnie and Elena at her dorm, Bonnie says that no humanity Caroline is almost the same as Caroline, but without feelings. Caroline tells them that in return for her good behavior, she wants a year where she doesn't have to feel any pain or grief or remorse. She warns them that if anyone tries anything to flip her switch back on, she will become their worst nightmare. It's revealed that Stefan is her emotional trigger, and Caroline was fully aware of that, so she threatens to kill his niece, Sarah Nelson, unless he turns his humanity off too. After a fight with Stefan, she orders Liam to finally kill Sarah, forcing Stefan to turn his humanity off in front of her. In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes, Caroline brings over Tyler's belongings to his mansion, and he says that now isn't a good time. Klaus leaves (not before speaking to Caroline) and Caroline asks whether Tyler and Hayley think he bought it. Tyler compliments that the two girls are good liars and kisses Caroline. Caroline is in a foul mood and compels a girl nearby to go get ice. Then she chews out Jeremy for bringing the latest in a series of flings intended to help him pretend he doesn't miss Bonnie. Enzo texts her about a problem. Caroline arrives in time to save Enzo from Stefan. Caroline looks at Enzo for an explanation of Stefan's rage. Caroline tracks down Stefan in the woods. Even if killing Enzo won't bring Ivy back, Stefan thinks it'll help him get over Damon and be able to leave Mystic Falls. Caroline is disappointed and upset when he says that's the only reason he came back to town. She tells him everyone needs him, including her. She hopes a small part of him came back to check on her. She begs him to stay, but he walks away leaving her heartbroken. Elena sees him go and hugs Caroline. Das in Schwarz gehaltene iPhone verfügt über einen 16 GB großen internen Speicher. Mit der 8 Megapixel-Kamera entstehen Bilder in hoher Auflösung und sind über das 4 Zoll Display anzusehen. Dieses Gerät ist kompatibel mit Vodafone, E-Plus, T-Mobile, O2 Mobilfunkanbietern

Caroline is left alone with the professor and after that she has drained all the vervain in his system starts to question him about the secret society, he says the society is called Augustine, and how he became a member and that there is a vampire named Augustine who actually killed Megan, Diane Freeman then comes and Caroline compels him to forget everything that happened and everything that he knows about Elena and her, Caroline then leaves the laboratory. Speaking of Elena she tells her mother that she and Stefan are going through a rough patch. Her mother ask if everything is going okay with her (meaning Caroline). Caroline says she is fine but Elizabeth notes that she seemed different some how. Caroline protest that she is fine but Elizabeth comes back saying that while Caroline thinks that her mother doesn't notice things like that, she does. She ask trying to comfort what is wrong. Defensive, Caroline says "You know, there's pretending to be mother and then there's reality. Let's not push our luck okay?" and she leaves her chagrined mother. CPU: FX-8350 Octa Core AMD - 16 GB Ram Grafik: NVidia Geforce RTX 2070 von Gigabyte (8 GB) Die 18er Version hat ja ausgelesene Blurays abgespielt, auch jetzt, aber die 19er nicht. UHD-Discs spielt keine ab, soll daran liegen, dass es die CPU's von AMD mit dieser Software nicht können. FABPlayer spielt sie ja allerdings bei AMD-CPU's fehlerfrei ab

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  2. At the Salvatore's house, Caroline is trying to move the safe all by herself. She yells for Stefan to help but he’s cleaning up the room he tore up earlier. After Caroline heard when Stefan and Katherine are kissing and she leaves a message to Elena to call immediately.
  3. Klaus partners her during the Waltz but she spends a lot of time staring over at Matt and Rebekah whilst giving an excuse of being unprepared as the reason she is wearing his gown. Klaus asks Caroline why she is wearing his bracelet as well. Before she can reply, he compliments her dancing abilities and she declares that she is Miss Mystic Falls and Klaus says he knows. Later, Klaus approaches Caroline outside whilst she is watching a horse and they discuss their relationships with their late fathers.
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  5. ds everyone about his unfathomable old age, but most of the time he seems unnaturally chipper, and his evil deeds during Dark Reunion are always tinged with irony. He refers to everyone as "sport," he writes "Goodnight, sweetheart" on Vickie's mirror after brutally murdering her and leaving that same song playing in her room, and he kills (or nearly kills) Stefan with the same White Ash Wood spear that was intended for him. His mood changes from cheerful and amused to absolutely enraged in seconds, and he is very unpredictable. Despite his see

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When Stefan and Elena are alone again at Elena's house it is revealed that the breakup was all a ruse put on knowing that Caroline would hear and report back to Katherine. They decide not to tell Damon, who also overheard the false break up to better convince Katherine of its legitimacy. In I Never Could Love Like That, it starts out with Caroline and Stefan, continuing their killing spree. Caroline kills a man by messing with his mind, making him suffocate himself and hallucinate that he had spiders crawling all over him. Caroline is then doing karaoke in the bar and they have Matt and Tyler trapped in there with them. Caroline suggests that they play a game called "Caroline Trivia." Tyler gets the first question correct, that her birthday is October 10th. Matt also gets his question right, that Caroline doesn't have a favorite color. However, neither of them were able to guess her mother's final memory before she died. Stefan walks in with the right answer, prompting her to try to kill Tyler and Matt. Tyler tries to defend himself against them and tries to stake Caroline, but she pushes Matt in front of her, resulting in him getting hurt. After meeting with Damon and Lily, she stakes Stefan in the back and escapes, avoiding their attempt to get Stefan to flip his switch and for Stefan to flip hers back on. Mom looks up and says almost pleading "Then kill me!" her face in despair. Caroline says no. "I can't take this. Kill me now!!" she says as Damon approaches and Caroline gets up. "You were going to drag it out so painfully" Damon says to her throwing her own words back into her face as he looks at her almost nose to nose. Suddenly he grabs her and brings her to her feet. No no no!! Caroline cries behind him. DAMON DON'T!! DAMON PLEASE!!! Stefan and Elena respectively said. "Relax guys! No one's killing anybody". Then everyone sighs in relief and possibly surprise. Then to Elizabeth surprisingly tenderly and seeming to mean it. "You're my friend" Then to the group: "We've got to clean this up." Forbes Family, Saltzman Family, Salvatore Family, Mystic Falls Gang, Mystic Falls High School, Whitmore College

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Caroline is bitten for Damon 1x02 .Katherine kills CarolineCaroline and Tyler First Kiss 3x12Caroline Saves Her Father And Beats Up DamonKlaus Saves Caroline 3x11Caroline Forbes last scene Gallery Caroline Forbes has a photo gallery. Enzo ties her up with vervain ropes as per Lily's request in the cellar. However, she begs him for help, telling him how much it hurts. He gives in and instantly frees her but she stabs him and runs. However, she doesn't get far as Nora and Mary Louise catch her again.

Later, Damon is with Caroline in the cabin, he prepares drinks and Caroline snacks on maraschino cherries while writing down prompts for charades on slips of paper, she is preparing a game for them to spend the night at cabin, Caroline seems to be upset because she thinks that something is going on between Stefan and Elena again, Damon thinks that it's something about Enzo but Caroline is suspecting that it's something romantic between them, they're talking and then Elena and Stefan enter to the cabin, they were getting firewood out of the shed together, they seem to be very suspicious and Stefan leaves, Elena immediately follows him, and then Damon speaks in a low voice to Caroline, telling her that's time to the games begin. Later Bonnie returns and helps Caroline, giving back her daylight ring and removing the stake from her back. They argue for a few moments about how she went rouge and left with Enzo, only to let him leave and to go back to Sybil because of her mind control. Bonnie tells her that she had a plan to grow old with Enzo and continues to tell her that seeing her with Stefan and her kids makes her feel so alone that she wants to die. Caroline expresses how sorry she is for not being there for her and that she was a terrible friend, though she tells her that she will be there for her, even if it is to just rage at her. She reassures her that they will get Enzo back and they will go back to living their mutualistically awesome lives. She vows that her happiness will also be part of Bonnie's happiness. Moments later, Stefan appears and they know, based on his expression, that Sarah was lost. But Caroline, remembering Aunt Jenna was also among Klaus’ death toll, said she’d never help him and that he wasn't even worth the calories she burns talking to him. That’s when Klaus impaled her with the other end of a lamp, pulled her to him, and bit her. “Now that was definitely worth the calories,” Klaus says after he drops her body on the floor with Tyler looking surprised.

buy now pay later with zip money or zip pay save $$$ with our low price on the: iphone 6 16gb - $229 iphone 6 32gb - $249 iphone 6 64gb - $279 iphone 6 128gb - $299 warranty comes from the date of purchase. we can even deliver to you on receiving the payment (ask us how). we are dealers of new, near new and used handsets During Into the Wild, Caroline showed up for the first time in weeks to ask Tyler to come home, but he insisted he’s going to spend every moment with Klaus until he can kill him. Klaus tried to say they were even -- Tyler’s mother’s dead, his brother’s dead -- so they should tell Bonnie to let him out. But Caroline, remembering Aunt Jenna was also among Klaus’ death toll, said she’d never help him and that he wasn't even worth the calories she burns talking to him. That's when Klaus impaled her with the other end of a lamp, pulled her to him, and bit her. “Now that was definitely worth the calories,” Klaus says after he drops her body on the floor.

At the beginning of Season 3, Caroline and Tyler started a romantic relationship. It was then affected when Tyler was turned into a Hybrid by Klaus, which created a sire bond that Caroline didn't approve of. Elena came to Caroline's aid and she broke down crying on Elena's shoulder as the stress of her brush with death finally got to her. While Damon is locked up in the basement, Caroline hosts the Sexy Suds Car Wash as a charity event. During her work, Damon uses his mental connection with her to compel her from a distance into freeing him from his prison. He intended to kill her for blood to strengthen him but he was stopped by Zach Salvatore, who was killed after trying to recapture Damon. Caroline managed to escape from Damon's clutches by running into the sun. He could not follow her because Stefan had taken his ring.

In A Streetcar Named Desire, Carolne is mentioned by Stefan when he is talking to Hayley - the two were on their way to fight The Strix, and sneaked into their H.Q in the trunk of Marcel's car. When Stefan saw Hope's photo on Hayley's home screen, he asked her if Hope is the reason she is there. Hayley said yes, and then she asked him who is on his home screen. Stefan then showed her a picture of Caroline, which the hybrid immediately recognized, and said that Klaus had a thing for her, and told him that she was pretty sure that she snapped her neck once. Stefan agreed in amusement, but told Hayley that Caroline "toughened up since", and doubted her ability to do it again. Hayley then adds that Caroline is also part of Klaus' sireline, and asked Stefan if she is the reason he is there. The vampire simply told her that they both had their reasons. Later, as Klaus and Stefan said their farewells, she is mentioned by both of them - as she is one of the reasons Klaus helped Stefan - when Stefan asked Klaus if they are going to see each other again, Klaus replied that it depends on Stefan doing the right thing. When Stefan asked him by whom, Klaus simply said: "By her". Stefan said that he loves her, and that he knows that Klaus did too. He then promised Klaus that he will do right by her. Klaus thanked him in honesty. Caroline prepares the 70's dance. Tyler shows up, determined to make Caroline make a decision regarding them, and he and Caroline dance together until Klaus arrives. Tyler steps aside to prevent Klaus from knowing he has broken his sire bond. Klaus informs Caroline he is leaving and asks her to come but she refuses, infuriating Klaus, who leaves. Stefan tells Caroline and Tyler that Esther is at the old cemetery and Matt and Jeremy are going there. Tyler confesses his anger in letting Caroline dance with Klaus before Caroline tells him he loves her. In Down the Rabbit Hole, Caroline got a phone call from Elena that she needs help getting sword from Klaus and came to know that Shane tricked them all. Caroline accepted that she can find the sword from Klaus' Attic as Klaus is under the Spell of Bonnie. Later, Klaus walked out of Elena's house. He told Caroline he assumed he was free because something had happened to Bonnie. He also said he’d never hurt Caroline, and that he’d shown kindness, forgiveness, and pity—for her.

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Brightstar 20:20 UK Limited Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen. Auf dieser Seite sowie in unserer Datenschutzrichtline erhalten Sie Informationen über uns und die Rechtsbedingungen (die Bedingungen), zu denen Sie Ihr Mobiltelefon, Ihre Tablets und / oder Ihren Computer (Tower / Desktops) und Netbooks und / oder Uhren jedes Herstellers (die Produkte) über unsere Website DE. Angefangen mit 4s 16Gb über 6s 32Gb bis jetzt iPhone 7 mit 32Gb ich habe immer genug Speicher gehabt und brauche auch nicht mehr. Den meisten Speicher brauche ich für Musik und Bilder. In Hello, Brother, Caroline and Stefan are once again together, having worked through their issues during the last episode. This episode begins with the two in bed at the Salvatore Boarding House; Caroline having managed to find a balance between her work, home (with Alaric and the kids) and love life. Though despite being with Stefan, she doesn't neglect her family duties and remains with Alaric in order to take care and protect her daughters. Due to Alaric constantly working at the Armory, while she is using her connections at the T.V. station to look for clues to Enzo and Damon's whereabouts and they hire a Nanny to look after the twins. With Stefan, she openly complains about the new hot Nanny, to the point of how she removes the crusts on their sandwiches. Though Stefan humorously points out that she seems to be more annoyed at how the nanny is acting around Alaric than the girls.

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On the Coffee House, Enzo is telling to Sarah that he is a vampire when Caroline appears behind them and interrupts their conversation, she asks Enzo who is the girl and Sara says her name, Caroline is about to say that Sarah is Stefan's grand-niece but Enzo interrupts her and compels Sarah to go for a drink to the bar, Sarah leaves. Caroline says that it's so nice not to care what he is up to with that poor girl because the old her would have been in such a moral quandary for that. Enzo confused asks "Old you?", Caroline grins, and realization hits Enzo when he figures out that she turned off her humanity, he sighs and rolls his eyes. Caroline tells him that she did it right after her mom's funeral. She sarcastically thanks him for coming as he really didn't , but then says that she don't really cares about that either. Enzo exasperated tells her that she is a laugh riot, Caroline says that she is actually a little bored, which is why she is recruiting cute boys to come to Whitmore's Warehouse party at the night. She asks him if he likes to dance and Enzo says that he loves, then Caroline says that she will see him there. She leaves and Enzo just looks at her. In Dangerous Liaisons, Klaus then invites Caroline to the ball, and continues to persuade her although she does not reciprocate those feelings, claiming she is spoken for by Tyler. Caroline speaks with Klaus and she tells him that let to Tyler free. They discuss and Caroline ends up leaving the house of Klaus. When she arrives home, she finds a drawing Klaus sketched for her where he thanks her for her honesty.

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Later, Caroline is in her room looking a photo of Stefan, Elena and her, in that moment Stefan appears, she thinks that is weird, he wants to warn her that she is in danger with Tripp but Caroline points out that she doesn't need Stefan's protection nor she wants it, at that time she gets a call from his mother, telling her that she has been kidnapped by Tripp's men.. They want use Caroline's mom against them to get Tripp back, so Caroline and Stefan get on the road to head to where they're holding Tripp a hostage. In I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime, Caroline returns to Mystic Falls for Alaric and Jo's wedding. She also begins making amends with her friends, starting with Elena. She apologizes for all of the nasty things she's said to Elena while her humanity was off, especially about Elena not being happy with Damon as a human. She also apologizes to Tyler about trying to kill him. After attempting to avoid Stefan, she finally confronts him about everything that happened. She told him she made a list of all of the things she's done since she fell for him, which include her obsessing over where he was and why he wasn't returning her phone calls, how she told him she hated him when she felt ignored, how she missed her mom's final moments because she was kissing him, and how all she needed was for him to tell her that he felt something for her and since he didn't, it made her turn her humanity off, and then prompted her to get him to turn his off. Although Stefan forgives her, she told him that the old Caroline wouldn't have forgiven her. She tells him that with all of the guilt and grief she feels, she only has her control and she's not willing to give it up.

Apple iPhone 6 16 GB can do video recording of 1080 p. One of the amazing features of this phone is the slo-mo video recording. The traditional FaceTime HD camera, a common feature for iPhones is also available Later back with Matt, Caroline compels him to forget what she did to him and believe it was an animal that attacked him while they were making out in the woods and bit his neck. "Weird, it just came out of nowhere" he says his line in his hypnotic state. As she leaves Matt in a daydream state, she ask about Tyler, Stefan says he took care of it. He tells her he will put Matt on vervain which will keep her from drinking his blood and compelling him further. She says she can't believe she hurt the one person she never ever wanted to hurt. Stefan tells her it is not going to get any easier, that she has to work on it that much harder. She says that she shouldn't be with him. He tells her that it is her decision that if he followed his own advice he would have walked away from Elena a long time ago, he should've but now he can't. Elena seemed preoccupied despite what she said so Caroline asked how things were with her and Stefan and if she heard from him "No, not since the fight" Elena lied referring to the "break up" at the Mystic Grill. She tells Caroline that he has been pushing her away from him because a jealous Katherine might hurt her and she doesn't know how to change her mind. Caroline puts down her brush and goes over to say to her that perhaps that Stefan has a point because Katherine is dangerous. Continuing the lie as her best friend looks at her intently Elena says that she knows that Katherine is dangerous and that Stefan is trying to protect her, but it felt like giving up, that they were stronger than that. To that Caroline just shrugs regretfully. Earlier in the series, Caroline begins dating Elena's ex-boyfriend, Matt, who encourages her to become more caring, kind, and selfless. In the Season One finale, Caroline was severely injured in a car wreck and suffered from internal bleeding. When Caroline's situation was looking pretty bleak, Bonnie and Elena agreed that Damon Salvatore should heal Caroline by feeding her his blood. Later, after Caroline's health had improved, Caroline was smothered to death in the hospital by Katherine Pierce, who was aware that Damon had healed Caroline, therefore knowingly turned her into a vampire. Katherine planned to use Caroline to her own advantage by manipulating her, threatening those she loved and eventually giving her to Klaus to kill in the sacrifice. Damon rescues her and Tyler Lockwood, however, and the deal made by Katherine is forfeited.

Rebekah says that Tyler had his neck snapped by Klaus while Caroline unconscious is "dead-ish" and explains that he'll be a hybrid when he wakes up. When Tyler wakes up, Caroline and Rebekah tell him he is now a hybrid. Klaus arrives. Caroline tells Tyler not to drink the blood Klaus brings him, but he does. Tyler later assures Caroline that he's okay. Caroline thinks it's too good to be true but acts relieved. Das Redmi 7a kann bereits auf dem Papier mit einem Snapdragon 439, mindestens 2/16GB Speicher, einem kompakten 5,5 Zoll Display und einem mächtigen 4000 mAh Akku glänzen. In der 10 tägigen Testphase kristallisierte sich der Unterschied zum günstigeren Redmi Go und auch zum teureren Redmi 7 klar heraus Later at the party, Bonnie and Elena are looking up for Caroline, Elena finds Caroline dancing with a guy, when Caroline spots Elena, she starts to vamp-out and is about to bite the guy's neck. When Elena rushes toward her, Caroline gives her a sassy look, before grinning devilishly at her. Elena looks torn, but Caroline gives her a look and whispers to Elena "I'm fine", Caroline winks and goes back to dancing. Later, after Stefan talks with Elena about a plan to recover Caroline, he goes where is she at the bar with two shot glasses, Caroline looks at him with a suspicious look. Caroline asks what its like to get whatever he wants at a snap of his fingers and comes to the conclusion that this is why he creates hybrids. Klaus tells her to stop making assumptions and to leave. She continues to voice her realization that the reason he does this is because he father never loved him and so he believes that no one else would either. She tells him the reason he doesn't connect with people is because he doesn't try. Caroline walks away in anger. When Caroline returns home, Klaus has left her another gift on her bed. Caroline discovers that he has drawn a portrait of her with the horse and thanked her for being so honest with him.

In Stay, Caroline arrives with Stefan to the Forbes Cabin, she is preparing the cabin because she wants to her mom to live out the rest of her time there in a relaxed and peaceful environment surrounded by the things that she loves, like photo albums and board games, she is talking with him about the movies, when Stefan's cellphone starts to sound. He ask to her to take it of his pocket, when Caroline sees that is her mother, she asks why her mom is calling him, then she answer the phone, Caroline thinks that Liz is asking Stefan for information and asks why is she calling him, Liz says that she wants to know what is she doing but Caroline says that it's a surprise. Caroline asks to Stefan to take the things to the Master bedroom in low voice. Liz asks if Stefan is there voluntarily or against his will and Caroline says that he's there because she asked him to look after her and that she heard when she was talking to him, Liz says that's not the only reason he's there, then Caroline hangs up the phone. Caroline tells him she learned to adapt, but he holds the blood bag in front of her again. Bill locks her up and is confronted by Elizabeth who has her gun. Caroline hears Elizabeth defending her and Elizabeth calls for Tyler. Elizabeth shoots a threatening bullet at Bill when he tries to block the entrance to the torture chamber so he lets Tyler enter. Tyler breaks the locks on the door and the steel contraptions around Caroline's arms and legs. She mentions her ring, so he grabs it and places it back on her finger. Tyler picks her up and carries her to safety. At Caroline's house, Caroline feeds to regain her strength. She thanks her mother. Tyler appears in the doorway so Elizabeth leaves after Caroline thanks her for believing in her. Tyler jokes about giving Caroline a hard time for sneaking out on him. She laughs, but begins to cry instead. He climbs in bed next to her to comfort her, as she says her father hates her. Later on, she is seen at the studio with her daughters, whom Seline had dropped off. Caroline tells the girls that Enzo, "aunt" Bonnie's boyfriend, was in search of a magical creature and that Virginia, a princess, knew of the creature. As she tries to explains to them what they were watching (surveillance footage from the mental institution where Virginia was admitted), the video playback was still broken and the sound screeched as she tried to play it. At the breakfast date with Enzo, Caroline gives him rules about not mentioning Damon to Elena. She's determined to let Elena live her "happy zombie life" which Enzo finds both supportive and judgmental. When she notices blood on his shirt, she's upset to learn he snacked before they ate. But he's not concerned with attracting attention by killing people.

Later that night, successfully incapacitating Damon, Bonnie and Enzo (who recently regained his humanity by Bonnie's efforts) gathers with the others at the carnival. They give Tyler a proper remembrance service, all of them saying their final goodbyes to Tyler. Caroline confesses that she loved him and that he lived a bigger and much more important life than that of a “small town kid.” The night unfolds smoothly with everyone having fun in his remembrance. A short time later, Stefan approaches Caroline at the balloon dart game and he thanks her (for saving him). She tells him that she is going to be his wife and that is her job; helping and protecting him and saving him if she has too. She goes on to reflect on the last time she was at the carnival, after she turned into a vampire. She tells him she didn’t know how she would cope with being a vampire and reminds Stefan that he was the one that gave her strength: by telling yourself that you are strong every single day. She tells him that if he is ever doubtful of that, she would be there to remind him. Back at the Salvatore House, Caroline watches Stefan assembling a vervain dart gun to go after Damon at the carnival. Caroline is willing to help, telling him that two vampires are better than one though Stefan tells her that he has to do it on his own. At the carnival, Stefan fails to capture Damon, though Caroline comes arrives in time and saves him, shooting Damon in the back with multiple vervain darts. After Carol Lockwood's Memorial, Stefan called Caroline from the Grill, where he was having a one-man-multiple-bourbon pity party now that he knows Damon slept with Elena. Caroline told him Tyler is spiraling and he takes priority now. Rebekah called Stefan and told him she was holding Elena hostage at the high school, and he phoned Caroline. The plan was for Stefan to distract Rebekah while Caroline used the white oak stake on her, but Rebekah had already disarmed Caroline by the time Stefan found her. Later, Caroline returned to the dorm room where Tyler is packing his things. She asks to him not leave her, to stay with her, but he tells her that he can't. Caroline tells him that if he leaves, they break up definitely. Tyler takes the decision to abandon her although seemingly it isn't an easy decision for him, leaving Caroline shattered and sadly crying. After Caroline’s mother passed away, this halts her budding romantic relationship with Stefan. Caroline shuts her emotions off after Liz dies and gets Stefan to do the same. While without humanity, Caroline and Stefan sleep together for the first time. However, after they both gain their emotions back, Caroline states that she needs some time before becoming romantic with Stefan.

Tyler tells Caroline, that he never said sorry for what he said about her having sex with Klaus and that no excuses for that. Caroline says him, that they can get past this together and that she just want that they to be good again, but Tyler clarifies that he still hasn't past what she did with Klaus and that the idea about them being good, it's not gonna happen, Caroline tells him that she understands and she leaves. The web is being accessed more and more on mobile devices. Designing your websites to be mobile friendly ensures that your pages perform well on all devices Elizabeth and Carol tell Caroline and Tyler to leave the town, as Alaric told the council that they are supernatural creatures. They agree to leave and make plans to meet in the Lockwood cellar. Later, Caroline goes to find Tyler, crying because Klaus is assumed dead and Tyler will die as well, being sired to him. Unknown to Caroline, Tyler is being possessed by Klaus so, while Caroline is crying to Tyler and saying her goodbyes, it is really Klaus. He tells her "You're strong, and you have a beautiful future ahead of you." They then kiss. Klaus then pretends to be dying, and makes Caroline leave by starting to turn into a wolf. As Caroline leaves, she is heartbroken and devastated.

Encrypt and password-protect the external drives with USBCrypt software for Windows 10, 8,7, and XP Purchase or download a free trial. Read more... Die Kapazität Ihres externen USB-Sticks ist groß: 8GB, 16GB oder mehr. Also gibt es genügend freien Speicherplatz auf diesem Laufwerk iphone 4 16 gb özellikleri ile alakalı için yapılmış olan tanımlamalara bakabilir, iphone 4 16 gb özellikleri hakkında daha fazla bilgiye diğer sayfalarımızdan ulaşabilirsiniz.iphone 4 16 gb özellikleri ile birlikte iphone 4g 16gb özellikleri, iphone var, iphone 4 16 gb fiyatı, iphone saat, iphone 4 16 gb, gibi konularda da bilgi vereceğiz Klaus and Caroline talk and Caroline asks why these decisions and Klaus says that the only thing he wants is a confession, Caroline tells him that she has done nothing but he wants her to be honest with him about her feelings for him, Klaus tells her that if she is honest with him, he will leave and never return to Mystic Falls. Caroline makes him promise to never return and he does. Caroline goes on the defensive, saying that she's at college and planning a life for herself, and none of her dreams involve Klaus in the least. Caroline gets ready for Prom with Bonnie helping her dress shopping. When Elena arrives at the store, Caroline and Bonnie leave then Elena steals the dress. When Caroline goes to Klaus for help, he laughed at Caroline but couldn't resist her when she smiled and begged him to find her a dress. Later, Caroline puts ice on Jesse's face to help with his inflammation and apologizes for Damon's behavior, to which Jesse responds that it got them alone together and that's a win. After her mother's death, Caroline flips the switch due to not being able to handle the pain. While being embraced by Elena at her house, she snaps her neck and lets her drop to floor, quoting that it is not Elena's choice to decide whether or not she should turn off her humanity switch. Without her humanity, Caroline doesn't care at all about what others think and decides to have a new start in everything, which includes buying new clothes and sheets, and also partying and drinking. Caroline is sassy, funny, flirty and speaks her mind, as she tells Elena that she has a gift of making everything about herself all the time. Caroline is still in full control of her vampirism since she stopped herself from killing Liam, stating that she doesn't want to ruin her life, knowing that if she killed him, the police would look for her and they would remind her of her dead mother.

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