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Er sagt (Geschichte der Philosophie, Bd. II., S. 400) nachdem er dargelegt, dass Aristoteles ebenso wie er, (Hegel) nicht den einzelnen Menschen, sondern den Staat für das Höhere erkläre, und dass der Staat die Substantialität des Einzelnen ausmache: »Hieraus erhellt, dass Ar. den Gedanken eines sogenannten Naturrechts nicht haben konnte Becca Dec 17 2013 7:41 pm If yo want to watch kdarama , make do not watch a triangle love drama . Most of those drama create a bored ending . I swear ... Einführung in die Fragestellung.- Liebe als Fundament einer Tugendethik.- Liebe als Tugend in der Moderne: Grenze, Vorstoß, Bedingung. Die Zielgruppen Studierende, Lehrende, Wissenschaftler aller ethikbezogenen Disziplinen. Der Autor PD Dr. Winfried Rohr lehrt Philosophie an der Katholischen Universität Eichstätt nolia Oct 05 2013 10:47 am I cant wait people already saying bad thing about the show but I know the writer and she create two of my favorite movie SECRTE GARDEN,GENTLEMEN DIGNITY SOOOO I CANT WAIT COME ON OCTOBER 9

umi Dec 30 2014 7:57 am im not waiting for season 2 because it is boring not the best drama in 2013. many korean drama ranked in 2 - 40 much better. KV Dec 03 2013 11:46 pm Hello....The leading actress Park Shine Hye is very GOOD!!! LMH & PSH are best together. LMH+PSH fighting.... always love you two. wooblova Jan 02 2014 10:42 pm Tbh, first time I decided to watch this drama its all because of the main cast. I love Park Shin Hye & Lee Min Ho together since both of them are on my best actors/actresses list. Pilot was so much interesting, Episode 2 was okay then, ..., and... After finishing episode 20, I was like dafuq? I didn't get enough about the plot. It was so slow, imo.I like Lee Min Ho but seeing him potrayed Kim Tan(noying) ((le sigh)) Im truly sorry for Min Ho oppa, but Kim Tan is probably the worst character ever in drama. He chased Cha Eun Sang no matter what. Being possesive and immature. Stalkerish. Geez. And then the Cha Eun Sang I knew from the beginning was a girl whose dream to became a writer. Full of spirit. But in the end, she ended up becoming a woman who just waiting her husband back from work(?). -_- while everyone's in bussines mode. zzz The things I very like in this drama was all about Choi Young Do. In the first time, He didn't get my attention. The bully, ya know zzz But then, he changed. And I love it. He's complex tho. So, I give 3/5 for this drama. natalie Sep 09 2013 11:58 pm OMGSHHH!! I cant wait for this drama to come out ive been waiting for it forever! =D I think its gonna be a good drama because my two favourite actor play in is lee min ho & park shi hye<333

I'm REALLY, REALLY looking forward to this now! I've been waiting for a new drama to catch my attention like this for SO LONG! (Recently, I've just been watching popular ones, because I feel like I should watch them so I know what people are talking about when the topic comes up.) xD No mention of course, that LITERALLY ALL prostitution of Korean women in the States is led by creepy Korean ajumonis who lie to young girls, bring them over on work visas, then force them to have sex with clients, almost all of whom are OTHER KOREAN MEN.

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Fortune Cookie Oct 15 2013 5:01 am @Jamie When most of your TV shows and movies show Asian men as Chinese delivery guys or Kung-Fu artists you don't mind at all, but if you see a show from another country using stereotypes of you, then you immediately cry out the sky is falling and armageddon is coming. Get over it and yourself. Shows use stereotypes. I'm from the U.S. and I know guys that fall into the stereotype of Americans shown in this series and I know others who do not. My point? (holding an imaginary pacifier) "whaa... whaaa". Odelia Nov 04 2013 1:10 am Love this drama - Lee Min-Ho your acting is awesome and you are very sexy - love from Cape town, South Africa Aria Oct 07 2013 11:25 am I have these love-hate relationship with k-drama. I stay up all night watching k-dramas and cuz of that i snooze off during school classes... but oh well i cant change my brain logic :))))))))))))))))))))

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I am NOT impressed by Park Shin Hye's acting! :(( PSH's acting leaves much to be desired!! She seems to be uneasy & uncomfortable when she is kissed & touched!! The scene in which she puts her head on Kim Tan's arm gives me the impression that she is keeping her distance & she doesn't lovingly put her head on his arms!! WHEN It comes to emotional scenes,she fails!! touch stinginess & uneasy facial expressions from her make her characters in her dramas awkward!! In "The Heirs",NOT ONCE did I feel that Cha Eun Sang is in LOVE with Kim Tan!! Aged cars needn't rot at your house waiting around to get saved sometime. Neither would you have to facial area the agony of hunting at an outdated not-used-anymore automobile and face the issues that include obtaining an previous car or truck at home

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so far, I agree with Anida and thank you also because I finally learned statistical rating .... hehe marjorie fabrig Jan 19 2014 5:47 am I just wanna say congrats to lee min ho and park shin hye.. the heirs is one of the beautiful and amazing kdrama i ever watch hope to see both of you to other kdrama..god bless u.. i pray that you will be a real life couple someday In the end , this drama is more suitable for people who love the story clearly structured, smart audience and not senile person. eli Nov 08 2013 6:31 am Big Congrates... luv this drama more than boring boys over flowers ... Counting down to watch end episode but in happiness.

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  1. ho and park! I hope there's part 2 for this.. if not, atleast another love story with Lee
  2. T Dec 06 2013 8:59 pm I certainly think that this drama needs a second season or extends the episodes . Hope for the best . Regards .
  3. ho is just this popular to the masses. In fairness they did OK. Didn't feel much of the chemistry though
  4. ho this yr
  5. ho and park shinhye.
  6. ho and park shin hye didn't play the lead no body would watch this after all i don't care i will finish it after it's done being aired..
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  1. A feedback is just normal but be sure that your not degrading anybody. Next time choose your words. (As if your perfect!!!) Anyway, I like the heirs and I'll gonna watch it until the end.. Fighting!!!
  2. Cara Nov 01 2013 4:03 pm Beng...wow you are a one dimensional person. I was making a comment, a constructive criticism to writers of the drama. And yes the storyline of Heirs is regurgitated stuff where they added new intriques and seasoning here and there, but it is old and it's done too many times. Let's call it what is is...been there , done that stuff! Why are you so angry, how are you suppose to grow and expand when you are not willing to take off your rose colored lenses.? Not all criticisms are bad..in a way maybe the writers will come up with something new that haven't been done before, it will be a win -win.
  3. Nick Oct 30 2013 10:15 pm I became interested in this drama because of the 2 lead guys, having the bestfriend in here, too is a bonus. In watching dramas, I make sure that I like how the leads look, in terms that they won't annoy me with their expressions or ruin the drama because of their bad acting. I suggest that when you watch this drama from the start, DON'T have high expectations! The few first episodes are a little dragging and maybe boring but I think it started to be good and interesting in Ep 3 or 4...it's getting more and more interesting in the following episodes. Don't let yourself miss out from good things just because you judge them right away. I highly recommend it! :) Kim Tan and Choi Young Do, fighting!
  4. fmc Nov 13 2013 3:53 am Agreed with truth. Poor girl and rich boy using same phone Note 3, although under instalment

When I read the comments that said "I hated this drama so much" and "I thought this drama was a disappointment", I was a bit puzzled. I know that everyone has different preferences, but those comments may discourage people who haven't watched this drama :) Prashika Oct 06 2013 8:55 pm I love the synopsis !!! Fighting !! I think this will be a great hit after boys over flowers and gu family book ^^ saranghaeyo lee min oppa ^^ supporting you from America - your fan .... Jannah Dec 14 2016 12:26 am A spinoff of Hana Yori Dango/ Boys over flower. There is nothing special in the story of this drama. It is just about rich kids without any real problems and bad boys gone good because of romance. Tonja Nov 30 2013 3:03 pm I love this show. Here in the US we watch it on HULU . I look forward to seeing what happens every weekend. I hope they have a second season. Yongshin Oct 22 2013 2:51 am I can't wait to watch ep. 5. If you watch the trailer for Ep. 5, you will already know the flow of the story. Of course, LMH & PSH will end up together in the end because both of them are the leading actor & actress. I would be surprise if they don't end up together. Please promote this drama so that PSH will get an award of the Most Popular Actress and who knows as Best Actress too. When Shin Hye cried in one scene, I also cried. It's very touching. I'm an avid fan of Park Shin Hye & Jung Yong Hwa. I support both of their dramas and hoping that they will be paired together again.

Liz Sep 03 2013 1:17 pm I am not very fond of the main cast but i love thr writer!!!! Going to be difficult choosing wheather to watch it or not sighhh >.< Panda-pin Jan 02 2014 1:57 pm It's a good drama. It doesn't seem it was rushed in the ending and the actors and actresses are all good. However though, I must agree with the predictable part. celerine Oct 10 2013 12:42 pm they should choose song hye kyo or yoo eun hye or goo hye sun or yoona or park min young or suzy as the leader actress! park shin hye is ugly and bad actress.

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Lee Min Joo Apr 04 2013 9:23 pm I am a bit disappointed for the female lead role.It would be great if Han Hyo Joo is the one chosen for that role. Im sure a lots of fans will surely support it. They also look good together. They have lots of similarities like the year and number of their birth dates (both 1987 and day 22). It's like they are meant to be. Hihi! And han hyo joo is a great actress too.. I wish they could be in a drama together . But still im going to support that drama for the sake of lee min ho <3 Bella Apr 22 2013 1:46 pm cant wait to see the 3 casts act together but who else will be in this drama? i suggest moon joo won or joong ki If you like Secret Garden then you will love this kind of story, well, park shin hye did not lay a high flying kick in this drama, but you will see this kind of pattern: a rich with a lack of love boy fallin in love with a poor but bright, cheer, and full of charisma girl. the california view is so beautiful, they're waste money for a good reason. I am a Kim Eun Seok's fan, so i do really love her story. She know how to built a lovely and hearth warming story. so for me, even though this kind of story is a bit cliche but i still love it. Ann Oct 28 2013 6:49 am OMG!, I Love You LMH :** PSH is really a good actress. I think, I'm gonna love their tandem :) Next Episode please <3 unknown Jun 18 2013 3:51 pm Waiting and going to watch because of Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and Choi Jin Hyuk! If only Jung Yong Hwa didn't quit and Zo In Sung was in this too. Then, all my favorite people are in! :) I <3 You (LMH, CJH, JYH, AND ZIS <--- Abbreviations for above names)

Clare Jan 09 2014 8:33 pm Give me, I Hear Your Voice, Master's Sun, Secret, and My Love From Another Star over Heris any day. AraSo Oct 24 2013 11:51 am To ones who comments about this drama is boring and not interesting, I wanna to ask you, did you already watched this drama?? At least until Ep4?? Yes, in Ep1, I also found this drama boring and not attractive.. But, after watching again for Ep 2 and Ep3, I found this drama has awesome storyline.. Please don't judge this drama until you watch Ep4 or Ep5.. This drama worth to be watch.. ^^b Lexy Cheng Nov 11 2013 1:03 am park shin hye is great and awesome as usual! minho and woobin deliver well. and i enjoy very much the cute couple > minhyuk and krystal.

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Scarlet Mar 16 2014 7:13 am @Tasha,I'm NOT MAD! Haven't you read my comment? This drama is increasingly gaining a lot of popularity & praise no matter what! So there is no room for anger & sadness! What I mean is,if s.o leaves an insulting comment,he or she should be answered back. MissChris Oct 29 2013 10:38 pm So I'm LOOOOVING this drama so far!! The chemistry Park shin Hye and Minho have GOSHHH!! Thank you to whoever put them together, GENIOUS lauren Dec 30 2014 7:48 am its not important if the face is handsome and its not important if the writer is popular. the important is the story if it is good and not boring up to the end of the story. All the while this woman’s sister has arrived and she sees all of this. Of course, to the creepy, twisted, psycho producers of this drama, the goal here is to demonize and dehumanize all white people, particularly white men. The newly arrived woman is appalled, and the implication is–of course–that her sister the waitress is literally a prostitute. Her sister’s actions are shameful, condemnable, and slutty.

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Utami Jan 26 2016 7:47 am The Heirs was the first Kdrama I watched in Dec 2015, and I started falling in love with Kdrama since then. I was mocking my niece as she was crazy about KPops and everything about it....but I've got the Karma now.....I can's stop watching Kdramas and K movies. Never missed a day without it...If let's say I watched another Kdrama to start with (not The Heirs) perhaps I would not find myself browsing K Stars everyday... neko_chan Nov 13 2013 12:00 pm I'm reading some of the comments and I am wondering - why are you getting so angry if someone criticizes the drama? I can understand that you may not agree or fell offended when sb criticizes an actor/ress who you like but please chill out :) Everyone has the right to their opinion and to write it. fourth_special Mar 20 2020 1:33 am Start to watch this drama cause of park shin hye. Fighting unnie..

TO TELL THE TRUTH,I still haven't liked ANY of Lee Min Ho's leading ladies!! I especially do NOT LIKE "Park Shin Hye"! :( her acting isn't impressively good & she spoils kiss scenes! so annoying! Her characters are so annoying! gh Nov 07 2013 10:01 pm Cant wait to see the upcoming episodes..,it makes me feel really good...a love so true ..,kim tan keep up the good work in protecting eun sang let her feel true love despite of your differences...choi young do stop pestering eun sang....get out of the way!!! georgina Nov 19 2013 9:59 pm To jj who said:DON'T WATCH IT!! and To GG who said:DON'T WASTE UR TIME WATCHING IT!!.....Are those orders from you two? .....What do you care if we watch it?.....We don't care if you wouldn't.....If the two of you don't like it, that's fine....But to force us to see it your way and decide for us what is a waste of our time is plain and simple arrogance....HOW DARE YOU TWO!!!!

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lily Nov 29 2013 12:44 pm My heart hurt when I saw the 16 episode. I think this drama too short, may be 24 episode is enough Delilah Dec 09 2013 2:04 pm Okay I'm sorry I bashed I didn't really mean to lol I had alot of feelings. Kay Nov 23 2013 6:57 am There must be an awful lot of tweens and teens watching this drama as reflected in the ratings. However, this wasn't or isn't the best show of the year. "The Secret," was a far better quality project. Writing, directing, casting, acting, music---all surpasses "The Heirs." That's why these ratings don't amount to a hill of beans. Heirs is a big popularity contest with the two male leads and all the other little flower boys. So silly, adult males acting like teenagers! Zitate Facebook.Zitate, Stadt der hoffnung und liebe. 12,519 likes · 28 talking about this.Zitate. Facebook logo. Email or Phone Password Keep me logged in. Forgot your password? Zitate Zitate.Zitate Jeder von uns ist sein eigener Teufel, und wir machen uns diese Welt zur Hölle. Oscar Wilde. Zitate.Im Wesen der Musik liegt es, Freude zu bereiten (Aristoteles) Musik wäscht die Seele vom.

Joonni Mar 01 2014 10:43 am I HATE "Cha Eun Sang"!! I reallyHATE her character!! sickening! She is so COLD,depressed,emotionless & passive!! Park Shin Hye always SUCK when it comes 2 kissing! she ruins the kiss scenes with her uneasiness & stinginess!! In episode 16,when Tan kisses her,it seems like she is BEING TORTURES! She looks uncomfortable & uneasy! why does she FROWN in the kiss scene???? Um zu schließen,Es ist möglich, dass wir derzeit die drei von Aristoteles beschriebenen Arten der Freundschaft kennen:Menschen, die auf etwas von uns warten, Freunde, die nur versuchen, uns zu finden, gute Zeiten zu teilen und außergewöhnliche Menschen, die immer da sind, gegen alle Widrigkeiten. Freunde, die wir für nichts auf der Welt. Ayu Apr 06 2013 11:07 am I think some of Lee Min Ho's Fans are underrating Park Shin Hye. Oh well, too bad because Shin Hye is picked. :P And I love their team-up! You shouldn't judge the outcome of the drama when it is not yet released. Shin Hye is a talented girl and a superb actress more than you'll ever expect. She is not just the type of actress who make some 'aegyo' in front of the cameras just to make herself cute (because she already does). I personally love her with Yong Hwa but having teamed-up with Min Ho is a good thing. It means that the Directors are trying to do mix-up whether they will click or not. MinShin Couple Fighting! <3

Aristoteles von Stageira, 384-322 v. Chr. Ändert sich der Zustand der Seele, so ändert dies zugleich auch das Aussehen des Körpers und umgekehrt: ändert sich das Aussehen des Körpers, so ändert dies zugleich auch den Zustand der Seele. Das Ganze ist mehr als die Summe seiner Teile. Die Vergangenheit rückgängig machen, können noch nicht mal die Götter Sandi Sep 21 2013 11:13 pm I really really want to watch this. But sure, I don't have many time to watch. I think this drama is very good.

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  1. Rochelle Oct 11 2013 8:42 am Just reading all your comments guys and this is what kinda' horrific more than this drama. To tell you guys stop being that way..you could only make them more popular..hahahahaha
  2. g for his upco
  3. Vor allem durch sein Talent und seine Liebe zur Systematik wurde Aristoteles im Abendland (nach seiner Wiederentdeckung im 12. Jahrhundert vor allem dank arabischer Übersetzer und Interpreten) zum bis zur Neuzeit fast unbestrittenen Präzeptor jeglicher Wissenschaft

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Sprüche und Zitate von Aristoteles. Finden Sie hier die 60 besten Aristoteles Sprüche. Gezeigt wird Spruch 1 - 25 (Seite 1 / 3 darinara Jan 19 2015 8:36 pm The heirs , one of the best drama i have ever seen in my life , i just love lee min ho. park shin hye is an excellent actress. there is a quite emotional moments in this series that makes you laugh ,cry ,shocked and smile , also there is moments that gets under your skin from happiness or sadness .So you really should watch this drama , don't let people with negative opinion about this drama effect yours ,just watch it and i am sure you wont regret it ;) Zani Sep 24 2017 4:02 pm I guess it's a thing that I always root for the losing guy in Korean dramas.. I liked Kim Woo-Bin more. Still a good drama, though! But the fact is, despite the drama rating is not high enough, but perhaps the greatest korean actor fans today. especially outside of korea was lee min ho and almost all of the drama he played certainly many who watch.

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  1. Dawn Jan 08 2014 1:08 pm So I've watched this drama, and except for it having som really handsome actors Choi Jin-Huyk and Kim Woo-Bin, I don't get what all the hype was about. It wasn't a good drama at all for the ratings that it garnered. Park Shin Hye, I've only seen her in one drama that has been worthwhile and believable...Flower Boy Next Door....hate to say it, but this to me was the best drama that I've seen her in to date. Lee Min Ho, I've watched a few of his dramas, and I still can't understand why people are so in love with him....everyone says it's because of his BOF fame...well, I've seen that drama and he wasn't even the best one in it. I think a lot of the actors and actress from BOF got famous only because one of the cast committed suicide...(may she rest in peace...seriously no disrespect to that young actress or her legions of fans or family) I just think the attention from that incident shoot Lee Min Ho into a level of fame he really didn't earn. I've even struggled to figure out why Jin-Hyuk and Woo-Bin would be in this drama...maybe the paycheck was huge...anyways, this was not a good drama at all...a whole lot of money spent, a lot of advertisers buying space for a drama that truly sucked!!!!
  2. ho because kim tan is so different from his past roles. i cant wait to see his co
  3. Krystal J Feb 07 2015 10:22 am Ok was it just me or is Lee Min-ho's face ungodly swollen in this compared to his other shows/movies? I recently read that they even had to stop production breifly because of his face swelling (apparently after eating spicy noodles) on gangdam blues. idk. as much as I enjoy watching him, this show bothers me the most. the chemistry in all directions was off, they managed to drag it out for 20 episodes and gave us a crap ending and no season 2...
  4. Karlee Sep 07 2013 6:19 am Me,myself,i,my friends & Ghana can't wait to see this movie...'ope' it's gonna be awesome & 'geerh'! Can't believe the release date is in my MONTH, the ONLY month with 7 letters. But will have to watch it when i'm on vacation BTW big ups to Lee Min ho (;
  5. oz drama's...

Cathy254 May 08 2020 1:52 pm Since corona got many homebound, I'm now binge watching K-dramas and though quite late, I'm glad I've watched this one. I really loved the relationship of LMH & PSH especially how spontaneous Min Hoo could get at times.....Everyone was amazing. Ahhhhh it was lovely, I get the hype now? yenny Dec 28 2014 8:46 pm "The Heirs" is the best drama. I really like and love everyone in this drama. I will waiting for season 2... yoomin Feb 07 2014 8:26 pm I'm a fan but not that much of shin hye, but honestly speaking... i do'nt like this drama. i can't feel the chemistry between min ho and shin hye. there's no twist and i agree with the other comments. sorry to say, but it's my opinion.

Ellen Oct 31 2013 11:03 pm After ep 8 I can't stand it anymore! I really, really hate The female lead character! She is so annoying! It would have been much more interesting and put more depth to her character if she was stronger and tougher yet still remained the sadness and hopelessness aura over her. I think that also would have been a more interesting contrast to Lee Min Ho's soft and humbler character. Up to this point I haven't felt any chemistry between them two at all. jeannie Aug 11 2013 3:20 am I would want yoon eun hye to play this role instead park shin hye They are similar and yoon eun hye is better i think cant wsit to see Kim woo bin ! I love krystal too <3 Eloy Oct 22 2013 12:33 pm I love this drama and I'm very excited on what will happen on the next episode. I've watched many Korean Dramas and Movies and it appears like Korea has many great writers :)) Also I think PSHye is a very good actress. Every drama with PSH in it really Stands out :)) Two Thumbs Up ^__^ KC Sep 14 2013 2:57 am I am so excited for this drama to come out! I have already seen the title cover picture and the casts all look AMAZING! I really hope this will turn out as good as it seems to be. The casting are all great so I am really really excited. Wenn auf der Welt die Liebe herrschte, wären alle Gesetze entbehrlich. (Aristoteles) Die erste Liebe sagt man mit Recht, sei die einzige, denn in der zweiten und durch die zweite geht schon der höchste Sinn der Liebe verloren. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

won Dec 14 2013 1:28 pm I feel so bad about Kim Won and Hyun Joo's ending. They should have been happy and together in the end. We need a season 2!!! Bella Oct 10 2013 12:08 pm why are people criticizing this drama, i've not watched it yet but it seems most people are unhappy. the insults are too much pls. Anyway which site can i watch it plsssssss. I totally love k-drama.....FIGHTING georgina Nov 26 2013 9:47 pm These recent comments are valid criticisms...These are some of the good examples on how to disagree without being "obnoxious"....It shows maturity of character.... Sarita Nov 19 2013 8:41 am Waoohhh!! Kim tan and Eun sang is the best!! Young do doesn't fit with Eun Sang at all!! anyway love this drama <3 !!

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Die beliebtesten Sprüche und Zitate von Sokrates: Der Kluge lernt aus allem und von jedem, der Normale aus seinen Erfahrungen und der Dumme weiß alles.. the kiss on the forehead is gentle, protective, and grateful- the three best qualities of love. Tan’s forehead kiss is very appropriate in this moment of this drama as Tan treats Eun Sang a little more delicately than before, he is protective of her, and he is grateful for her love and her courage. The Scene in episode 2:It’s a new morning. Eun Sang wakes up and steps out. Tan’s house has a wonderful ocean view, the sky is crystal clear, and the sunlight twinkles through the air. Eun Sang goes outside and takes in the view. Tan steps outside and takes in his view. He keeps staring at Eun San from above while Eun Sang's hair is flowing in the air & a magically nice background soundtrack. The scene is SPLENDIDLY WONDERFUL!

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Unterrichtsvorschläge zum Thema Liebe und Freundschaft in der Mittelstufe, in: Ethik und Unterricht, 4/2005. * Heintel, E., Vom Sinn der Freundschaft, in: H. Kohlenberger & W. Lüttersfeld (Hrsg.), Von der Notwendigkeit der Philosophie in der Gegenwart oluwatofunmi Jul 25 2014 1:33 pm its lovly i love this.... Love lee min-ho park shin-hye and kim woo-bin guess not everybody understand the power of love this teen series is one of the best.....more emotional and morals keep it up Lee min-ho and park shin-hye muah your determination matter dont mind the sayings

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ms.gemini Jun 02 2014 5:56 pm I already watched the whole episode of this movie. Park Shin Hye my favorite actress in Korea keep up the good work!. I always wanted to watch your other movies and drama series. Lee Min-Ho your so handsome and a best actor!..The "Heirs" congrats!.. If you say this drama has no meaning, then all the k-dramas are also meaningless. Why do you even watch k-dramas? Watch this drama and maybe you will learn something good in life! Cheers! Uthla May 05 2015 11:43 am I just finished watching this drama & it was amazing. I love the scenes in America cause they are very funny. I like all the characters, speciallly kim tan & young do. kim tan is so emotional and HOT. I love that guy. park shin hye acts very well, and she is so good looking, but sometimes she acts strangely - like she is frightened by someone. I like that girlish boy, myung soo too. The episode ending song I'M SAYING is my favourite k drama song. I love heirs!! Kim Tan now feels nothing but emptiness after Eun-Sang's departure. He decides to go back to Korea even though his older stepbrother Won (Choi Jin-Hyuk) strongly opposes his return. When Kim Tan gets back to his luxurious mansion like home, he sees someone briefly that resembles Eun-Sang. Kim Tan goes to his mother Ki-Ae (Kim Sung-Ryoung) and asks about the unfamiliar, but familiar girl that he briefly saw. His mother tells him that the girl is their housekeeper's daughter and her name is Cha Eun-Sang. She's also staying in their home.

Liebe Philosophie-Interessierte, Ihre Meinung interessiert uns! Wie gefällt Ihnen unsere Liste der wichtigsten Hauptwerke der Philosophiegeschichte? Möchten Sie weitere Titel vorschlagen, die aufgrund ihres Einflusses Ihrer Meinung nach auch noch unbedingt in die Liste gehören? Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Beiträge und Vorschläge per E-Mail Nonetheless, let's wate for some more episode until we can judge it in whole. And I expect a lot from it, (as many kdramas are really unpredictable, many twists and turns) just episode no 7.A long way to go...A lot to watch. i am from India and Korean drama addict. Enjoying each moment of this drama...:)

Joanne Jan 05 2015 6:39 pm This drama is so cliche. Is there any other koream drama who does not involving the plot of a rich-cold-spoiled-boy who relies on his parent's wealth, falls in love with innocent-childish-poor-weak girl ? Like usual, this girl is sooo innocent and childish (if i could say stupid and weak ), so every rich boys will deeply mad inlove with her, because she needs to be protected . Minimum 2 boys will love her and she would felt guilty to fall in love with ohe of them. On the other hand, the other girls/casts happen to be rich and bitchy, and she /they would always mean to the poor girl . What a cinderella story. Boriiiiing ! buena mabanglo Nov 20 2013 8:07 pm lee min ho your a great actor, your a gorgeous man, i love all your movies...romantic, action, or whatever it is..you all handle it..still waiting for the episode 13-20 of the Heirs... Although I like all characters (it would be better if Cha Eun Sang would be stronger and more confident), I would like to see Eun Sang with Young Do because maybe then he would be a better person and it would be sth new in kdramas. maria Apr 04 2013 4:26 am Please choose PARK MIN YOUNG to be the lead partner with LEE MIN HO because they really look great and perfect for each other and they are both good actor and actress. Please choose Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho as couple..love them both..for sure the drama would come out perfect..jebal!!!!!!!

joycy84 Oct 28 2013 5:52 am Love the drama so far...those who questioned the drama being in english....whats wrong with that? i was actually happy that i heard them actors speak a little english.....and please...you cannot learn english in 3 months and speak it fluently.....i can tell that Lee Min Ho tried his best....with your support it will encourage them to learn more language..especially English...but not at this stage.... dont think he studied overseas other then in korea...coz if he spend a year in an english speaking country....it will take him no time to learn the pronounciation..if you dont like...dont watch....anyway, i have watched all aired episodes and i cant wait for the next episodes..... Scarlet Mar 16 2014 3:08 am @Tasha,when someone RUDELY expresses himself or herself,that person should be cut down to size!! @Tasha,of course anyone has the right to make comment & tell his or her opinion BUT put this 2 your mind that INSULTING & SARCASTIC comments aren't acceptable 2 the fans of "The Heirs"!! chhavi Jan 17 2014 6:17 am @jazmin i totally agree with you....i also had to force myself to watch it till the end just bcoz I love LMH .....but I know that its not fair to say but the drama didn't came up to my expectations of what i had expected about it.....but still I have to say that the drama was OKAY....not more than that..

Platon Ein Gastmahl der Liebe - Duration: 23:43. Philosophie 95,335 views. 23:43. Sokrates, ich weiß, daß ich nichts weiß! Einführung in die Philosophie #6 Aristoteles - Logik, Ethik und. Darina Sep 11 2013 4:44 pm I live near Malibu/LA. I would love the opportunity to meet Lee Min ho...will there be any meet-up, some opportunity to see him? Obviously, I don't expect to be on set or anything...but meeting him is in my top 10 Bucket list right now... Sal Oct 10 2013 2:01 pm Such a super critical bunch are we? But who cares, everybody has their own taste. I liked it, Shin Hye isnt ugly by any stretch of the imagination.

chami (Song Sang Ki) Jul 15 2015 12:33 am heirs is my best K-Drama... i <3 heirs 4ever <3 <3 <3 :) > Liebe in der Philosophie. unbekannter Gast Anmelden Aristoteles & Co. undenkbar ist, dass es einen liebenden Gott gibt. Da das Liebesstreben des Eros aus einem Mangel entspringt und Gott ohne Mangel ist, ist Gott nicht liebesbedürftig - und liebt daher auch nicht. Man kann als griechischer Philosoph das Göttliche lieben, aber die. BTW, it is still too soon for me to say anything but...Krystal is a fav because of F(x) and for being Sulli's bestie, whom I just adore....but it is her 1st time acting right? crossing my fingers for you Krystal!!!! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU! loveheirs Dec 10 2013 4:56 pm kim tan haters are mad !! like MAD , if u guys where true minoz then u wouldn't have hated him or his characters !! so shut up AND GET A LIFE

lalala Nov 14 2013 7:52 am for azn---.... I like your objective comment. My Idea all over was same as you.. The cliche part of this drama was 'RICH BOY-POOR WOMEN'...but that is never be problem as long as storyline was good and play role do their best action of heirs... I am a person who usually love to watch any korean drama, so i dont excite to debate which drama was the best... I am more deferate to watch them and enjoy it beside debate like stupid... wolf Nov 21 2013 6:20 pm My heart is aching for Choi Young Do. But Kim Tan is soo sweet. It's really difficult not to like him. determine and always gives a sense of anxiety, in the audience will be the continuation of the story of Die Philosophie hat Antworten. Betrachtet man die Liebe aus den Augen der Naturwissenschaft, wirkt sie in der Tat nicht sonderlich attraktiv. Aristoteles hat seine Ethik zum großen Teil auf. 2 . Young do now much better than kim tan ? .. Answer = From whichever angle you look at it, Are you in blind eye person when young do bullying his school friend, pushing eun sang into the swimming-pool . Is Kim tan still do that now , of course not . he tricked young do because he is not accept to see eun sang treated badly by the young do .

Aristoteles Zitat: Denn eine Schwalbe macht noch keinenPhilosophische Zitate Arbeit | zitate aus dem leben

femy Aug 26 2013 9:46 am I cant hardly wait..its gonna be the bestest drama series in this year,,saranghaeyo min hoo oppah tinkerbellina-sweden Apr 24 2013 1:29 am as long as lee min-ho is in it i'll watch it!!! i'm so happy hehe ;p love May 28 2014 8:47 am I LOVE this drama ONLY ONLY because of Lee Min Ho! Park Shin Hye is NO match for him!!! She is not pretty enough to be an actress! In some scenes she looks like grandmothers! Specifically when her hair is brushed back!! If I compare her with ordinary girls,she is pretty BUT comparing her with beautiful actresses like "Song Hye Kyo","Ha Ji Won","Park Bo Young","Go Ara","Han Hyo Joo","Moon Chae Won","Han Ga In" & "Kim Tae Hee",PSH is ugly & unattractive!! The actresses which I have mentioned are BOTH pretty & talented!! They are beautiful when they cry,smile,laugh,smirk,....... Whereas,Park Shin Hye becomes really unattractive when she smiles & cries!! She has manly features COMPARED with cute & delicate features of actresses mentioned!! U MAY say that prettiness doesn't matter BUT U know an actress is SUPPOSED to have nice features! This is for the sake of camera & angle issues! catherinecai1990 Jan 12 2014 8:01 pm Love this drama, but instead of the lead roles, I'm more attracted to the cutest Kang Minhyuk-Krystal couple, the hottt Kim Woo Bin, and the hott Choi Jin Hyuk, and the hilarious Park Hyung Sik (the one who played the young Lee Jin Wook in Nine times time travel!! a must must watch drama). I laughed really hard at the scene when Woobin tells a sad story about losing his mon and friend, and this guy just innocently spills out: huh, you lose your mother's friend? LOLLLLLL totally breaks the sad atmosphere upside downn!! netherlands Jun 01 2013 4:02 am lovely casts, cant wait to see it! ,,,,,,,,want to know more of the story if possible ,,,,,are the brothers close or are fighting? what about kim woo bin character is he close or rival to lee min ho's character?

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