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In 2001, the Hong Kong Aircrew Officers Association (HKAOA) launched a "work to rule" campaign to further its campaign for pay improvements and changes to roster scheduling practices. The action involved pilots refusing to work flights that were not scheduled on their roster. Although this alone did not cause extensive disruption, rostered pilots began to call in sick for their flights. Combined with the work to rule campaign, the airline was unable to cover all of its scheduled flights, and cancellations resulted. Cathay Pacific steadfastly refused to negotiate with the HKAOA under threat of industrial action.[46] In addition, the seat 31A has no window but the seat 31C is often bumped by crew members and other passengers passing by.Cathay Pacific serves 79 destinations (including cargo), but not including codeshare in 46 countries and territories on five continents, with a well-developed Asian network. The airline serves many gateway cities in North America and Europe, with easy connections with its Oneworld and codeshare partners, American Airlines and British Airways via Los Angeles and London, respectively. Also, the airline serves 10 French cities via a codeshare partnership with French national rail operator, SNCF, from Paris. The airline also has access to over 17 destinations in China through its subsidiary, Cathay Dragon.[106] Airbus A350 is the family of long-haul airplanes constructed to replace previous generation of the airplanes A330 and A340.Cathay Pacific's head office, Cathay City, is located at Hong Kong International Airport.[2] Cathay City was scheduled to be built in increments between April and September 1998.[95] The headquarters opened in 1998.[96] Previously the airline's headquarters were at the Swire House, which was a complex in Central named after the airline's parent company.[97]

The second-highest tier in the Marco Polo Club. Diamond tier level is achieved or retained when the member earns 1200 Club Points during the membership year. Additional benefits for Diamond Card members include top priority waitlisting, guaranteed Economy Class or Business Class seat on Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon flights booked 24 hours before departure, First Class check-in counters, 20 kg (44 lb) or one piece of extra baggage allowance, First Priority baggage handling, First Class lounge access with two guests when flying Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon operated flights, one guest when flying Oneworld operated flights and Business Class lounge access with two guests when flying on any airline. At 1400 Club Points, members will be issued with two First or Business lounge vouchers for their travelling companions or members on their Asia Miles Redemption List. At 1600 Club Points, four Cabin Upgrade vouchers (for any Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon operated routes) will be issued to members, travelling companions and members on their Asia Miles Redemption List. At 1800 Club Points, members can nominate one member for Marco Polo Gold tier membership. Silver tier level is achieved or retained when the member earns 300 Club Points during the membership year. Additional benefits for Silver Card members include advanced seat reservations, priority waitlisting, Business Class check-in counters, 10 kg (22 lb) extra baggage allowance, priority baggage handling, and Business Class lounge access when flying Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon operated flights. Additionally, members are eligible to use the Frequent Visitor e-Channels for seamless self-service immigration clearance at Hong Kong International Airport. At 450 Club Points, members will be issued two Business Class lounge vouchers for their travelling companions. Also, members are entitled to apply for at most three Membership Holidays in their lifetime, retaining their status for one year for each application. Senioren ab 60 Jahren, Rentner wegen voller Erwerbsminderung und Schwerbehinderte mit einem Grad von mindestens 70 erhalten die BahnCard 25 zum ermäßigten Preis von 41€ (2. Klasse) oder 81€ (1. Klasse) sowie die BahnCard 50 für 127€ (2 Cathay Pacific reduced international flights during the COVID-19 pandemic, which negatively impacted the aviation industry and flight demands, while also causing travel bans globally. 96% of flights have already been slashed for the months of March, April and May, and the group's subsidiary HKExpress is currently suspending all flight operations from 23 March to 30 April 2020, due to reduced demand. [93] At one point during the crisis, only 582 passengers flew with Cathay.[94]

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Schau Dir Angebote von Bahncard auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter Food and beverages are complimentary on all flights, with two hot meals generally served on each flight for long haul flights, along with free alcoholic beverages.[146] Foods served on flights from Hong Kong are provided by Cathay Pacific Catering Services (CPCS) facilities in Hong Kong.[147] CLS Catering Services Limited, a joint venture with LSG Sky Chefs, provides the inflight catering from Toronto and Vancouver airports;[148][149] while Vietnam Air Caterers, a joint venture between CPCS and Vietnam Airlines, provides the inflight catering for flights from Ho Chi Minh City.[150] For Manila-Hong Kong, they usually serve snacks in a snack bag, called a complimentary snack and drink. It contains a pastry or wrap in a box or a paper bag, an Anzac Cookie, an Antiseptic Towelette and a Nestea Lemon Tea for Taipei flights and a Sunkist Mango Juice or a Bottled Water for Manila flights. For flights to and from Taipei, a simplified lunch with hot rice is served, and the four varieties are served in rotation on flights.[citation needed] Close location of the lavatories and limited recline make the seats 71AC, 71HJ and 72DEG bad seats.The best seat here is the seat 40C because this seat has extra legroom due to missing seat in front. Preise: BahnCard 50, 2. Klasse: 229 Euro BahnCard 50, 1. Klasse: 463 Euro. Ihre Vorteile: 50 % Rabatt auf die Flexpreise sowie 25 % auf die Super Spar- und Sparpreise der Deutschen Bahn innerhalb Deutschlands für 1 Jahr; Ermäßigte Partnerkarten erhältlich ; Weitere Vorteile mit der BahnCard ; Bestellen Sie Ihre BahnCard 50 einfach online: Drucken Sie Ihre vorläufige BahnCard 50 aus und.

As compared to these models new Boeing 777-300 has passenger capacity and flying range compared with these models but at the same time its operating losses are 40% less.StudioCX provides Audio/Video on Demand (AVOD) for every passenger and offers up to 100 movies, 350 TV programs, about 1000 CD albums in 25 different genres, 25 radio channels and more than 70 interactive games.[144][145] The 777X makes 10-abreast more palatable. While the 777X has the same fuselage width as the classic 777, new materials allow for thinner sidewall insulation. That creates a bigger interior cabin and allows for slightly wider seats. Even Singapore Airlines will be tempted to have 10-abreast on its 777-9s.

Partnerkarten sind sowohl zur BahnCard 25 als zur BahnCard 50 bestellbar. Kosten und Fakten der BahnCard Partnerkarte . Während die Hauptkarte BahnCard 25 für die 1. Klasse 125 Euro und die für die 2. Klasse 62 Euro kostet, beläuft sich der Preis der Bahncard Partnerkarte auf 81 Euro für die 1. Klasse und nur 41 Euro für die 2. Klasse. Die Ermäßigung beim Ticketkauf beträgt für den. Cathay Pacific Fleet Boeing 777-300/ER Details and Pictures. Cathay Pacific operates 68 aircrafts Boeing 777-300/ER.

Regional aircraft fly multiple sectors a day, utilizing more Hong Kong slots than long-haul aircraft. At the smaller end of the scale, new A321neo aircraft were to provide a mix of replacement and net growth for Cathay Dragon and HK Express. Cathay’s first A321neo is built (see above photos) but yet to be delivered. Bigger aircraft for trunk regional flights would also help.The airline restructured its organization to be more agile and faster in decision making as well as responding to customers' needs. It has also launched 13 new routes since 2017, introduced a wide range of changes to its service, including bringing back hot meals on its most busy route between Hong Kong and Taipei,[79] designed an inflight menu that features famous Hong Kong dishes[80] served in all cabins, and revamped its Business Class service proposition[81] to provide more choice, more personalization, better presentation and improved quality in its food and beverages offerings. Toilet suitable for passengers with reduced mobility, emergency exit rows and extra-legroom seats are located at the front of the last Economy class section.On 26 September 2012, 11 years after they were sacked, the 49ers were finally judged[50] to have won the 3 prime issues of their legal case: breach of contract, breach of the Employment Ordinance, and defamation. The Court of Final Appeal agreed with the Court of Appeal's methodology for reducing the defamation damages. However, it reinstated one month's salary for each of the 49ers. On Monday, 6 July 1998, Cathay Pacific terminated flights from Kai Tak International Airport to London Heathrow Airport after over 73 years of operation. The next day, Cathay Pacific began flights from New York John F. Kennedy International Airport to the new Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok. This flight was also the world's first nonstop transpolar flight from New York to Hong Kong.[44]

On 11 November 2009, 18 of the 49ers succeeded in the Hong Kong Court of First Instance concerning their joint claims for breach of contract, breach of the Employment Ordinance, and defamation. Baby bassinet seats are located at front of each section. Extra-legroom seats are at rows 40, 43 and 59.First section contains 8 rows of seats. Position of the bassinet may be bothersome for passengers of the seats 39AC and 40HJK.On 4 January 2011, the cargo division of the airline, Cathay Pacific Cargo, became the first airline operating out of Hong Kong to fully switch to e-air waybill. This eliminates the need for all paper documents when issuing air waybills. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) selected nine countries and territories and airlines in which to run the e-AWB pilot program, including Hong Kong and Cathay Pacific.[127]

Hong Kong Airlines was further weakened when its sister carrier HK Express was bought by Cathay. That grew Cathay’s market share and ended the chance for Hong Kong Airlines and HK Express to have closer cooperation under their common HNA ownership.Proximity of the galley, reduced width and lack of floor storage during take-off and landing are other disadvantages of these seats.The airline began a fleet replacement program in the mid-1990s, which cost a total of US$9 billion.[36] In 1996, CITIC Pacific increased its holdings in Cathay Pacific from 10% to 25%, and two other Chinese companies, CNAC(G) and CTS, also bought substantial holdings, while the Swire Group holding was reduced to 44%.[37] According to the International Directory of Company Histories, the sale of a 12.5% stake of Cathay Pacific by Swire Pacific to a Chinese state-owned company was regarded "as evidence of China's sincerity in maintaining the prosperity of Hong Kong."[20] Mit der Senioren BahnCard der Deutschen Bahn AG erhält man einen Rabatt von bis zu 50 Prozent auf den Normalpreis - mit der Senioren BahnCard 25 sogar 25 Prozent auf die günstigen Sparpreis Tickets - für Bahnfahrten innerhalb Deutschlands sowie in 28 europäischen Ländern.. Die ermäßigte Bahncard für Senioren und Rentner gibt es als Senioren BahnCard 25 und Senioren BahnCard 50 Filed Under: Cathay Pacific Tagged With: cathay pacific airbus a350-900 business class, cathay pacific airbus a350-900 cabin interior, cathay pacific airbus a350-900 economy class, cathay pacific airbus a350-900 flat bed, cathay pacific airbus a350-900 flight report, cathay pacific airbus a350-900 inflight amenities, cathay pacific airbus a350-900 onboard services, cathay pacific airbus a350-900 photos, cathay pacific airbus a350-900 premium eco, cathay pacific airbus a350-900 recliner seats, cathay pacific airbus a350-900 review, cathay pacific airbus a350-900 seat map, cathay pacific airbus a350-900 seating chart, cathay pacific airbus a350-900 xwb, cathay pacific fleet, cathay pacific fleet ages, cathay pacific fleet size

Slot demand will be greatest from regional airlines, which may have been unable to secure any Hong Kong slots, want more flights or plan to use new slots to replace current late-night or off-peak operations. Senioren BahnCard Preise / Kosten. Die Kosten für die Senioren BahnCard sind gegenüber den regulären Kosten einer BahnCard deutlich preiswerter. Nicht nur, dass man mit dem Erwerb einer Senioren BahnCard diese zu günstigeren Konditionen erhält, man spart schließlich auch beim Erwerb eines Bahntickets. Kosten Senioren-BahnCard. Die Kosten für Senioren BahnCard 2. Klasse: Senioren. Cathay’s aircraft expenditure over the last decade prepared it for a war that never arrived. Pre-COVID it was facing excess but tolerable capacity. It is one of the few airlines to undertake a significant restructuring while growing.In 2018, the airline discovered a data breach.[73] Data of around 9.4 million passengers was compromised during the breach, with 860,000 passport numbers, 245,000 Hong Kong identity card numbers, 403 expired credit card numbers, and 27 credit card numbers without CVV being accessed. However, no passwords were stolen. The breach was suspected in March 2018, but was confirmed only in May 2018.[74][75] In March 2020, the company was fined £500,000 (U.S. $639,600) by the British Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and avoided the heftier penalty of U.S. $564 million under the European Union's GDPR-derived data privacy laws, which were not in force during the discovery of the breach.[76] If there is an all-out capital expenditure reduction, Cathay has leverage from the 777X’s delay. As for future regional flying, A330-300s are being freed up from medium-haul flying. Less than a quarter are approximately 20 years old, and half have been delivered since 2010.

On 27 March 2019, Cathay Pacific officially announced it would acquire HK Express, the only low-cost carrier in Hong Kong, citing to "expect synergies in generating a new business model and is a practical way to support long-term development and to enhance competitiveness". The transaction takes Cathay Pacific HK$4.93 billion total. The transaction is closed in July 2019 and HK Express has become Cathay Pacific's wholly owned subsidiary.[85][86] Cathay started 2012 with 24 -300ERs, and by the end of 2014 nearly doubled the sub-fleet to 47. Now there is lower imperative to replace a -300ER with a -9 compared to swapping a four-engined aircraft with a twin-engine. Emergency exit rows are located at the end of the front-most Economy class section and the end of the second Economy class section.Cathay’s 17 777-300s average 18 years old and need replacement this decade. There had been a thought to use 777-300ERs regionally, but it proved an ill-fit, too much weight – and premium seats – for dedicated regional flying. In their long-haul configuration, they seat 294-368.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 777-300 Cathay Pacific (73Z) New Regional

Expansion continued into the 1980s. In 1982, Cathay Pacific Airways introduced Cathay Pacific Cargo, which provided cargo service to ingratiate the trend of Hong Kong, becoming one of the largest re-export trading ports of the world. The airline's long-haul dedicated cargo services started a twice a week with Hong Kong-Frankfurt-London service operated jointly with Lufthansa.[31] Cathay Pacific kept its service to Vancouver in 1983, with service on to San Francisco in 1986, when an industry-wide boom encouraged route growth to many European and North American centres including London, Brisbane, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, Zurich and Manchester.[32] This plane has 6 sections, with 2 Business class sections at the front of the plane followed by a Premium Economy class section and 3 Economy class sections.Marco Polo Club Gold tier status is equivalent to Oneworld Sapphire tier status, which entitles members to Oneworld Sapphire benefits when travelling on a Oneworld member airline.[118]

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  1. The 787-10 is most prolific in Asia, and many of Cathay’s peers operate the variant (ANA, EVA, Singapore, Vietnam) or have it on order (Korean Air). Outside of Asia, United Airlines uses it -10s long-haul, and Air New Zealand plans to do the same.
  2. Proximity of the galley and lavatory and limited or no recline are the main disadvantages of the seats 45ABC and 46JK.
  3. On 21 May 1998, Cathay Pacific took the first delivery of the Boeing 777-300 at a ceremony in Everett.[40] On 21 September 1998, Cathay Pacific, together with American Airlines, British Airways, Canadian Airlines, and Qantas, co-founded the Oneworld airline alliance.[41][42] Cathay Pacific temporarily took over the domestic and international operations of Philippine Airlines during its two-week shutdown from 26 September to 7 October 1998.[43] The airline was hurt by the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s, but recorded a record HK$5 billion profit in 2000.[citation needed]
  4. The seats 39DEG are first reserved for passengers with infants as these seats offer bassinet locations.

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Im Gegensatz zur BahnCard 25 und der BahnCard 50 gibt es für die BahnCard 100 keine Rabatte, zum Beispiel für Senioren oder Studenten. Allerdings besteht die Möglichkeit als BahnCard 100 Inhaber sogenannte Partnerkarten für Ehe- und Lebenspartner zu einem vergünstigten Preis zu erwerben. So kostet zum Beispiel die BahnCard 50 als Partnerkarte nur 127 Euro (2. Klasse) bzw. 252 Euro. Kinder. Senioren ab 60 Jahren erhalten die Senioren BahnCard 50. Welche Partnerkarten gibt es? Ermäßigte Partnerkarten können Ehe-/ bzw. Lebenspartner erhalten, die mit dem BahnCard 50-Inhaber einen gemeinsamen Wohnsitz haben (Nachweis ist erforderlich). Die Wagenklasse der Partnerkarte entspricht höchstens der Wagenklasse der erworbenen BahnCard. Boeing's first 777-300 is seen in Seattle in 1998. It was later delivered to Cathay Pacific, which ... [+] still operates it.

The best seats in this class are considered the seats of the 30th row as these seats have extra space for passengers’ legs and have electric leg rest as in business class.Limited recline, proximity of the lavatory and galley make the seats 78AC, 78HK and 79DEG bad seats.

The folding wingtip of a Boeing 777X airplane is shown as it taxis before taking off on its first ... [+] flight, Saturday, Jan. 25, 2020, at Paine Field in Everett, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)On 24 December 2010, judges Frank Stock, Susan Kwan and Johnson Lam of the Court of Appeal overturned the judgment of the lower court to the extent that the claim for wrongful termination of the contract was dismissed. The finding that Cathay Pacific wrongly sacked the 18 pilots for their union activities was upheld. The court upheld the defamation claim but reduced the damages for the defamatory comments made by Cathay Pacific management. The judges also modified the judgment awarding payment of legal costs to the pilots and instead said that they should now pay some of Cathay's costs.[48] In June 2008, Cathay Pacific entered into a plea bargain with the United States Department of Justice in respect of antitrust investigations over air cargo price-fixing agreements. It was fined US$60 million. The airline has subsequently set up an internal Competition Compliance Office, reporting to chief operating officer John Slosar, to ensure that the Group complies with all relevant competition and antitrust laws in the jurisdiction in which it operates. The breaches for which Cathay Pacific Cargo were being investigated in the US were not illegal under Hong Kong competition law.[60][61]

The 787-10 holds 13 pallets compared to the A330’s 10. Bellyhold space provides cheaper and lower-risk cargo growth than buying dedicated freighters.In Business class, there are toilets and galleys for each section and baby bassinet seats are at row 12.

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Due to missing seats behind the seats 76C and 76H are often bumped by other passengers passing by.Cathay Pacific has diversified into related industries and sectors, including ground handling, aviation engineering, inflight catering.[98] Marco Polo Club Silver tier status is equivalent to Oneworld Ruby tier status, which entitles members to Oneworld Ruby benefits when travelling on a Oneworld member airline.[118][119] Seit Januar gelten günstigere Preise im Fernverkehr für Tickets und die Bahncard 100. Nun sollen auch die anderen Bahncard-Typen günstiger werden. Wer schon eine hat, braucht sich aber nicht.

The brushwing logo consists of a calligraphic stroke against a green background; the stroke is intended to appear like the wing of a bird. The previous logo, consisting of green and white stripes, was in place from the early 1970s until 1994.[104] In 2010, the airline set another record high profit, amounting to HK$14.05 billion despite record losses set in the same decade. At the same time, Cathay Pacific had taken delivery of several new aircraft types, including the Airbus A330-300 and Boeing 777-300ER.[66] Tony Tyler left his position as CEO at the airline on 31 March 2010 to pursue his new job at the IATA. Chief operating officer John Slosar had succeeded as the new CEO.[67] In addition, New Zealand's Commerce Commission had dropped charges against Cathay Pacific concerning the air cargo price-fixing agreements.[68] In 2014, the airline underwent the largest network expansion in recent years which included the addition of links to Manchester, Zurich and Boston. In Business class, toilets and galleys are at the end of the first section and baby bassinet seats are at row 16. Personenkreis erhält eine My BahnCard 50 zum Preis von 69 € bzw. eine My BahnCard 50 1. Klasse zum Preis von 252 €. Im Zeitraum vom 11. Dezember 2016 bis zum 31. März 2017 beträgt der Preis einer gemäß Nr. 2.2.3 der Bedingungen für den Erwerb und die Nutzung von BahnCards (BahnCard) ermäßigten BahnCard für Personen ab 60 Jahren (vgl. Nr. 2.2.4 (i) ebenda) 109 €, der Preis einer.

As there are no seats behind the seats 70C and 70H are often bumped by other passengers passing by.In November 2015, the airline revealed a refreshed version of its previous livery, featuring a simpler paint scheme while maintaining their trademark brushwing on an all-green tail.[105] It was first unveiled on a Boeing 777-300ER (B-KPM), in preparation for the delivery of the first Airbus A350 for Cathay Pacific. The second aircraft was a freighter aircraft, Boeing 747-400ERF (B-LIA). These seats are narrower than standard because the tray tables are in the armrests and have no floor storage during take-off and landing.

The flattening out of fuel prices resulted in Cathay Pacific recording a paper fuel hedging gain for its half-year reports for 2009. However, as a result of the global economic situation, the Group reported an operating loss. Given the current economic climate, and in line with the steps being taken by other major airlines around the world, the airline has undertaken a comprehensive review of all its routes and operations. This has resulted in frequencies being reduced to certain destinations, ad hoc cancellations on other routes, deferred capital expenditure, parked aircraft and introduced a Special Leave Scheme for staff to conserve money.[64] According to CEO Tony Tyler, the yield from passengers was "hugely down" and the airline had lost "a lot of premium traffic". He noted that it could take 20 passengers in economy to make up for the lost revenue of one fewer first class passenger flying to New York from Hong Kong.[65] The second version of Boeing 777-300ER offers the seats in three classes: business, premium economy and economy.There are two seats up front in Row 11, followed by seven rows of four seats each in the main cabin, then just two rows of seats in a mini-cabin behind the center galley. Entsprechend gibt es hierbei 25 bzw. 50 Prozent Rabatt auf die regulären Fahrkarten-Preise der DB AG. Eine Partnerkarte können junge Leute bis 26 Jahre und Senioren ab 60 Jahre sowie Ehe- und Lebenspartner von BahnCard-Inhabern beantragen. Probe BahnCard 100 für Senioren . Als Markttest gab es zwischen Dezember 2018 und Juni 2019 eine ermäßigte BahnCard 100 für alle über 65 Jahre zu. A second crisis – the current COVID-19 pandemic – is forcing airlines to preserve cash by deferring or cancelling aircraft orders. Cathay Pacific won’t “take” its 777Xs, the Seattle Times reported without specifying whether it’s a deferral or cancellation. A Cathay spokesperson declined to comment.

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Thanks to visiting AirlinesFleet.com and read article : Cathay Pacific Fleet Boeing 777-300/ER Details and Pictures.The only disadvantage of the seats 73D and 73G is close location of the galley and lavatory.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 777-300ER Cathay Pacific (77G) Three class

Also the width of these seats is a little reduced as the tray tables are built-in the armrests making them immovable.As there are no seats in front the seats 40C and 40H have extra space for passengers’ legs.Companies are expected in the long-term to re-locate their Chinese factories to cheaper countries like Cambodia and Bangladesh. COVID-19’s production pause and subsequent slowing orders for manufactured goods could prompt companies to accelerate factory re-location. More flying needs to be done to move the same amount of goods as before, plus there is long-term manufacturing growth.

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  1. There are 14 rows of seats here. Because of the exit doors protrusion the legroom of the seats 59A and 59K is limited.
  2. Limited recline and proximity of the galleys and lavatory make the seats 73ABC, 73HJK and 74DEG bad seats.
  3. Europe’s A380 Fleet Shrinks By 46% As Air France And Lufthansa Retire More Aircraft During CoronavirusThe French Navy Is Getting A New Aircraft Carrier. It Needs TwoAirline Traffic Climbs Again, But It’s Mostly Leisure, Not Corporate-300ERs always had strong future
  4. However, these seats are narrower than standard and have no floor storage during take-off and landing.
  5. Senioren BahnCard Preise 2020. Inzwischen gibt es Klarheit: Ab 1. Februar 2020 werden die Preise für die Senioren BahnCard 25 und 50 um 10% reduziert. Nun profitieren alle BahnCard-Inhaber von der Mehrwertsteuersenkung. Hierbei kostet die Senioren BahnCard 25 in der 2. Klasse künftig 36,90 Euro statt bislang 41 Euro; in der 1. Klasse sind es.
  6. In 1997, Cathay Pacific updated the registration numbers and flags on its fleet in conjunction with the handover of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China.[38][39]
  7. Cathay provides a pillow and blanket, although not pyjamas. In these circumstances, it’s best to BYO sleepwear and use the blanket to cushion the seat, given the cabin can be a little warm.

Among other disadvantages: lack of floor storage during take-off and landing and reduced width of the seats.This plane has 4 sections, with a Business class section at the front of the plane followed by 3 Economy class sections.Among disadvantages of these seats: lack of floor storage during take-off and landing, reduced width as the tray tables are in the armrests.The highest tier in the Marco Polo Club. Diamond Plus tier level offered annually to the top one percent (measured by revenue, not flight miles) of Diamond members worldwide "in recognition of their exceptional and consistent travel performance and their contribution to Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon." Diamond Plus and Diamond members are "considered in the same tier in every aspect". However, Diamond Plus get extra perks consisting of "Nomination of one companion to the Diamond tier", and "access to Cathay Pacific First Class lounges regardless of which airline they are flying". Marco Polo Club Diamond Plus tier status is equivalent to Oneworld Emerald tier status, which entitles members to Oneworld Emerald benefits when travelling on an Oneworld member airline.[120]

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Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 777-300ER Cathay Pacific (77H) Four Class

However, as the tray tables are in the armrests, the width of these seats is reduced a little and there is no floor storage for these seats during take-off and landing.Aircraft is the catalyst for Cathay Pacific to launch new destinations and provide an enhanced travel experience

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  1. A 787-10 would provide a capacity bump compared to Cathay’s other main regional aircraft, the A330-300 with 317 seats. The A330’s successor, the A330neo, has the same cabin floorspace, limiting seat and cargo growth.
  2. Among disadvantages of these seats: limited legroom, lack of floor storage during take-off and landing and reduced width as the tray tables are built-in the armrests.
  3. In September 2008, three of Cathay Pacific's top ten global accounts, Lehmann Brothers, AIG and Merrill Lynch, hit financial trouble.[62]
  4. The economy seats have comfortable green tweedy covers and bendy headrests that also tilt and slide up and down (goodbye, inflatable neck pillows) and are in a 3-3-3 configuration.
  5. Marco Polo Club Diamond tier status is equivalent to Oneworld Emerald tier status, which entitles members to Oneworld Emerald benefits when travelling on a Oneworld member airline.[118]

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Onboard, Cathay Pacific has selected to add many features devoted to comfort and entertainment in all cabins to make your flight more enjoyable.They named the airline Cathay, the ancient name given to China, and Pacific because Farrell speculated that they would one day fly across the Pacific[13]:56 (which happened in the 1970s).[18] Moreover, to avoid the name "Air Cathay" as it had already been used in a comic.[13]:55 The Chinese name for the company ("國泰") was not settled on until the 1950s.[citation needed] It comes from a Chinese idiom meaning "peace and prosperity"[19] and was at the time often used by other businesses called "Cathay" in English. However, these seats are narrower than standard as the tray tables are in the armrests making them immovable and have no floor storage during take-off and landing.Passengers of the seats of the 39th row as well as passengers of the seats 40HJK will feel comfortable thanks to extra space for their legs.Cathay Pacific Fleet Airbus A350-900 Details and Pictures. Cathay Pacific operated 22 extra wide body aircraft Airbus A350-900.

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Will demnächst einen 25% Rabatt-Gutschein der Bahn einlösen für einen Upgrade von BC25 auf BC50. Bisher hatte meine Frau eine Partner-Karte, beide sind wir Ü60. Die Partner-Karte wird sofort ungültig (warum eigentlich?), wenn ich upgrade. Muss also eine neue (BC25) für sie ausstellen lassen. Es g.. The noise coming from the galleys will cause inconvenience to passengers of the seats 55DEG, 55HJK, 56C and 57ABC.A Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400 aircraft, operating as flight CX8747, flies past the International ... [+] Finance Centre (IFC) tower on its final flight over Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour on October 8, 2016. The airline retires its fleet of 747s. / AFP / TENGKU Bahar (Photo credit should read TENGKU BAHAR/AFP via Getty Images)The opening had been pegged for some point before the end of 2024, but COVID-19 is allowing construction to accelerate. That provides buffer if there is a delay elsewhere in the large land reclamation project, or slightly brings forward the opening. BahnCard 50 Partnerkarte Die BahnCard 50 ist ein sensationelles Erfolgsmodell der Deutsche Bahn AG: Millionen von Kunden nutzen die BahnCard 50, um häufig zu günstigen Preisen Deutschland zu bereisen. Die BahnCard 50 verschafft ihren Nutzerinnen und Nutzern Rabatte von 50 % auf die Flexpreise sowie von 25 % auf die Sparpreise der Bahn. Für Vielfahrer, [

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Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world. Flightradar24 tracks 180,000+ flights, from 1,200+ airlines, flying to or from 4,000+ airports around the world in real time. Our service is currently available online and for your iOS or Android device.According to legend, the airline's unique name was conceived by Farrell and some foreign correspondents at the bar of the Manila Hotel,[10][13]:55 while another narrative was the name was taken in the Cathay Hotel in Shanghai Bund, during drinking and brainstorming, and choosing Cathay was to avoid the word China in the airline name.[13]:53 On Cathay Pacific's maiden voyage, de Kantzow and Peter Hoskins flew from Sydney to Hong Kong via Manila.[13]:53 The airline initially flew routes between Hong Kong, Sydney, Manila, Singapore, Shanghai, Saigon, Bangkok,[13]:58 with additional chartered destinations.[13]:59 The airline grew quickly. By 1947, it had added another five DC-3s and two Vickers Catalina seaplanes to its fleet.[13]:234[16] Eva Cheng, Secretary for Transport (C) is shown a map of the International Airport with the proposed ... [+] third runway by Marvin Cheung, Chairman Airport Authority (L) and Stanley Hui, CEO Airport Authority (R) during a press conference in Hong Kong on June 2, 2011. The airport authority announced a 2030 blueprint charting the airport's proposed developpment. AFP PHOTO/MIKE CLARKE (Photo credit should read MIKE CLARKE/AFP via Getty Images)

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The other seats of the 59th row, i.e. the seats 59BC and 59HJ these seats are designated as preferred seats to reserve which extra fee must be paid.From 15 September 2016, Cathay Pacific decided to reintroduce fuel surcharge on many flights after its half-year net profits dropped over 80% and it suffered HK$4.5 billion loss from wrong bets on fuel prices.[72] As of September 2016, Oil prices were halved from 2014 and stayed below US$50 a barrel.[72] Emergency exit rows are located at the front of Premium Economy class section and front-most Economy class section.In the 1970s, Cathay Pacific installed a computerised reservation system and flight simulators.[25] In 1971, Cathay Pacific Airways received the first Boeing aircraft 707-320B.[26] By 1972 it had five 707s.[27]The new aircraft colour was known as Brunswick green.[28] In July 1976 it began operating a Boeing 707 freighter from Hong Kong to Seoul, Bangkok and Singapore.[29] Under new leadership, the airline started to transform its business after suffering from 2 years of consecutive loss. The strategy focuses on 5Ps - Places, Planes, Product, People, and Productivity to find new sources of revenue, deliver more value to its customers and improve efficiency and productivity.[77][78]

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  1. istrative Region (HKSAR) flag. The HKSAR flag has never appeared on any aircraft.
  2. ated, and new services launched to Sendai, Phuket, Manila, and Kathmandu. With the merging of similar departments at the two previously separate airlines, some Dragonair staff have had their employment contracts transferred to Cathay Pacific, except Dragonair Pilots and Cabin Crew and others made redundant due to the efficiencies gained in the merger. This resulted in an approximately 37 percent decrease in the amount of staff contractually employed by Dragonair.[citation needed]
  3. So kostet die Bahncard 50 Partnerkarte für die 1. Klasse 226,00 Euro statt regulär 463,00 Euro und für die 2. Klasse 114,00 Euro statt 229,00 Euro. Bahncard 50 Inhaber erhalten einen Preisnachlass von 50 % auf den regulären Preis für ein Zugticket der Deutschen Bahn. Bei Fernreisen über 100 km ist automatisch das City-Ticket inkludiert. Das City-Ticket berechtigt in 124 deutschen.

Under Swire, another important sister company, HAECO, was established in 1950.[13]:130 Nowadays, it's one of the major aeroplane repair service companies of Hong Kong with divisions in other cities of China. It is constructed of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic which, due to its lower weight, offers 25% fuel saving over similar jetliners constructed of aluminum and steel.This plane has 6 sections, with a First class section at the front of the plane followed by 2 Business class sections, 1 Premium Economy class section and 2 Economy class sections.Cathay has been confronting how to replace its regional fleet. The 787 offered Cathay better delivery times as Boeing sought to fill production slots mainland Chinese airlines did not take up during the U.S.-China trade war. Now delivery slots at most aircraft programs are not a problem.The best seats here are considered the seats 40ABC and 40HJK because these seats have extra legroom.

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This plane has 5 sections, with 2 Business class sections at the front of the plane followed by a Premium Economy class section and 2 Economy class sections.The noise from the lavatories will cause discomfort to passengers of the seats 43C, 43DEG and 43HJK.However, these seats are narrower than standard, have no floor storage during take-off and landing and are located close to lavatories.For social media collaboration requests, please send your toolkit and proposal to socialmedia@cathaypacific.com.Limited recline and proximity of the galleys are the disadvantages of the seats of the 66th row.

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  1. Each seat transforms into a 75-inch (190cm) fully-flat bed at the touch of a button, at a width of 20.2 inches (51cm).
  2. Close location of the galley and lavatory will cause inconvenience to passengers of the seats of the 20th row.
  3. To celebrate the airline's 60th anniversary in 2006, a year of roadshows named the "Cathay Pacific 60th Anniversary Skyshow" was held where the public could see the developments of the airline, play games, meet some of the airline staff, and view vintage uniforms. Cathay Pacific also introduced anniversary merchandise and in-flight meals served by restaurants in Hong Kong in collaboration with the celebrations.[59]

Forgotten your membership number or password? Having trouble signing in? See if these tips can help.The position of the bassinet, reduced width of the seats and lack of floor storage will also cause discomfort to passengers of the seats 43DEG.Proximity of the galley and lavatory may cause discomfort to passengers of the seats 11D and 11G. Güns­tiger für Senioren. Die Bahncard 50 kostet normaler­weise für die 2. Klasse 255 Euro (für 2. und 1. Klasse 515 Euro). Für Reisende ab 60 Jahren bietet die Bahn ermäßigte Bahncard 50 an. Preise: 127 Euro (2. Klasse) oder 252 Euro (1. Klasse). Besitzer einer Bahncard 25, die das Bahncard-50-Angebot nutzen wollen, können kurz­fristig umsteigen. Beim Neukauf einer Bahncard 50. The airline was founded on 24 September 1946 by Australian Sydney H. de Kantzow and American Roy C. Farrell. The airline celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2016; and as of March 2018[update], its major shareholders are Swire Pacific, with a 45% stake and Air China, with a 29% stake.

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  1. Boeing no longer sells the -300. Cathay recently obtained more by taking five ex-Emirates units. They replaced Cathay’s 777-200s, providing seat and cargo growth at constrained Asian airports.
  2. Cathay’s order for 21 777-9s is large but does not cover half of its existing 51 777-300ERs, the largest -300ER fleet after Emirates. Cathay was always going to operate a strong -300ER fleet alongside the newer -9s, and A350s it has mostly finished taking delivery of.
  3. Gold tier level is achieved or retained when the member earns 600 Club Points during the membership year. Additional benefits for Gold Card members includes a guaranteed Economy Class seat on Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon flights booked 72 hours before departure, 15 kg (33 lb) or one piece of extra baggage allowance, Business Class lounge access with one accompanying guest when flying Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon and Oneworld operated flights and arrival lounge access when flying Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon operated and marketed flights. Two Business Class lounge vouchers will be issued for their travelling companions or members on their Asia Miles Redemption List at reaching 800 Club Points. At reaching 1000 Club Points, four Cabin Upgrade vouchers (for Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon operated short-haul or medium-haul routes) will be issued to members and their travelling companions.
  4. Boeing generally prefers distressed aircraft orders be modified or swapped rather than cancelled entirely. For Cathay, the 777-9 could be losing immediacy also due to pre-COVID infrastructure and competitive changes. Those same dynamics could make re-fleeting more pressing for regional than long-haul. Would Cathay swap 777Xs for 787s?

Toilet for reduced mobility passengers, emergency exit row and extra legroom seats are located at the end of the front-most Economy class section.Hong Kong has long been constrained. If post-COVID sees existing flights reduced, there is a strong backlog of new entrants. Even the most pessimistic airlines do not envision a downturn past 2023. Allerdings wird beim Erwerb der Probe BahnCard 25 und 50 das Alter anhand der Eingabe des Geburtsdatums überprüft, welche Folgekarte für Sie die richtige wird, falls Sie die Probe BahnCard 25 oder 50 nicht kündigen. Kunden die unter 26 Jahre alt sind, erhalten immer die My BahnCard als Folgekarte. Eine ermäßigte BahnCard mit einer Grundgültigkeit von 12 Monaten erhalten Personen ab 60. First Class is available solely on board select Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, and features 6 seats in a 1-1-1 configuration. The first-class seats can be converted into fully lie-flat beds measuring 36 in × 81 in (91 cm × 206 cm). The seats include a massage function, a personal closet, an ottoman for stowage or guest seating, and adjustable 18.5 in (47 cm), HD personal televisions (PTV).[128][129][130]

On 28 September 2006, the airline underwent a shareholding realignment under which Dragonair became a wholly owned subsidiary but continued to operate under its brand. Acquiring Dragonair meant gaining more access to the restricted, yet rapidly growing, Mainland China market and more opportunities for sharing of resources. CNAC, and its subsidiary, Air China, acquired a 17.5 percent stake in Cathay Pacific, and the airline doubled its shareholding in Air China to 17.5 percent. CITIC Pacific reduced its shareholding to 17.5 percent and Swire Group reduced its shareholding to 40 percent.[53][54][55] Cathay Pacific is the world's tenth largest airline measured by sales, and fourteenth largest measured by market capitalisation.[8] In 2010, Cathay Pacific became the world's largest international cargo airline, along with main hub Hong Kong International Airport as the world's busiest airport measured by cargo traffic.[9]

Due to missing seats behind the seats 70C and 70H are often bumped by other passengers passing by.Please note that multiple active weather layers may increase page load time and decrease page performance.John Warham, referring to the effect the fight has had on pilots' families, said: "In terms of human life, three people are dead because of what Cathay Pacific did to us. That's on their conscience, I hope they can live with that."[52]

Immerhin erhältst du auf Wunsch auch Partnerkarten. Solltest du die genannten Zusatzfeatures nicht benötigen, kannst du aber immerhin etwas sparen. ZRB-Kurzinfo: BahnCard 25 für Senioren: Preis 2. Klasse: 39,90 Euro für ein ganzes Jahr: Preis 1. Klasse: 79,90 Euro für ein ganzes Jahr: Bedingung: für alle ab 65 Jahre: Buchbar: 01.10.2019 bis 31.10.2019: letzter erstmöglicher Geltungstag. Cathay Pacific introduced a Premium Economy Class in March 2012.[136] The seat pitch is 38 inches – six inches more than Economy Class – and the seat itself is wider and have a bigger recline. It has a large meal table, cocktail table, footrest, a 10.6-inch personal television, an in-seat power outlet, a multi-port connector for personal devices, and extra personal stowage space. The Premium Economy Class seat offers a higher level of comfort with more living space in a separate cabin before the Economy Class zone. In March 2009, the airline reported a record full-year loss of HK$8.56 billion for 2008, which was also the carrier's first since the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. The record loss included fuel-hedging losses of HK$7.6 billion and a HK$468 million charge for a price-fixing fine in the US It had to scrap its final dividend. The hedging losses were a result of locking in fuel prices at higher than the prevailing market price. As of the end of 2008, Cathay Pacific has hedged about half of its fuel needs until the end of 2011. The airline at the time estimated that it would face no further cash costs from the hedges if the average market price stood at US$75, enabling it to recoup provisions it made in 2008.[63]

Limited recline and close location of the lavatories are the main disadvantages of the seats 41HJK, 42AC and 42DEG.Among disadvantages: lack of floor storage during take-off and landing, as the tray tables are built-in the armrests, the width of these seats is reduced a little.Cathay accelerated European growth to take market share, slots, traffic rights and Russian over-flight permits to stymie Hong Kong Airlines’ opportunities. Cathay launched new destinations, including Barcelona, Brussels, Dublin and Madrid.The new Regional Business Class is provided on Cathay Pacific's regionally configured Boeing 777s (excluding the 777-300ER) and selected Airbus A330-300s. Regional Business Class seats have 21 in (53 cm) width and recline to 47 in (120 cm) of pitch and feature electrical recline and leg rest. A 12 in (30 cm) PTV is located in the seat back offers AVOD.[133][134][135] Singapore’s 787-10 seats 337 and EVA’s 342, comparable to Cathay’s long-haul -300ER but with the advantages of a smaller plane, composite fuselage and more efficient engines.

Die Bahncard 50 konnte nicht mit Frühbucherrabatten kombiniert werden, doch erhielten bis zu vier auf dem Fahrschein eines Bahncard-50-Inhabers Mitreisende einen 50 % Mitfahrerrabatt. Ihr Preis stieg, gegenüber der bis Dezember 2002 vermarkteten Bahncard von 140 auf 200 Euro (2. Klasse) bzw. von 280 auf 400 Euro (1. Klasse) The airline prospered in the late 1950s and into the 1960s, and it purchased Hong Kong Airways, on 1 July 1959.[23] Between 1962 and 1967, the airline recorded double digit growth on average every year and became one of the world's first airlines to operate international services to Fukuoka, Nagoya and Osaka in Japan.[citation needed] In 1964, it carried its one millionth passenger[citation needed] and acquired its first jet engine aircraft, the Convair 880.[citation needed] In 1967, it became an all jet airline with the replacement of its last Lockheed L-188 Electra with a Convair 880.[24] BahnCard 50 Preise 2020. Die BahnCard 50 wird 10% günstiger vom 1. Februar 2020 an. Auch für diese BahnCard gilt ab Februar der ermäßigte Mehrwertsteuersatz. Der Preis für die BahnCard 50 in der 2. Klasse sinkt von 255 Euro auf 229 Euro, in der 1. Klasse von 515 auf 463 Euro. Die ermäßigte Senioren BahnCard 50 in der 2. Klasse kostet künftig nur noch 114 Euro statt bislang 127 Euro. The leader of the 49er Plaintiffs, Captain John Warham, launched a book titled The 49ers – The True Story on 25 March 2011.[49]

During the 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests, Cathay Pacific employees participated in protests at Hong Kong International Airport. The Beijing government, which is a shareholder in Cathay Pacific, ordered Cathay to suspend any employees who participated in the protest. Cathay Chairman, John Slosar, responded saying, "We employ 27,000 staff in Hong Kong doing all sorts of different jobs ... we certainly wouldn't dream of telling them what they have to think about something."[87] Cathay Pacific later suspended a pilot who was arrested during a protest, and CEO Rupert Hogg declared his support of the government, and reiterated that employees who violated the company's code of conduct could be dismissed.[88] On 16 August, Hogg resigned due to "intense criticism" from Chinese authorities as a result of Cathay staff participating in the protests.[89] "Chief customer and commercial officer", Paul Loo, also resigned.[90] By late September, Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon had terminated the employment of 31 aviation professionals or forced their resignations on the basis of their participation in protests or expressions of support for them.[91][92] But the armrests of these seats are immovable as the tray tables are in the armrests and that is why these seats are narrower than standard.The main disadvantages of the seats of the 39th row and 40HJK are: reduced with and lack of floor storage during take-off and landing.Potential fuel savings are diminished given the fall in prices, although a degree of volatility is always present. Cathay last decade miserably mis-judged and incurred over $3 billion of fuel hedging losses.Toilet suitable for passengers with reduced mobility is located at the end of the front-most Business class section.

Cathay Pacific has two loyalty programs: The loyalty program Marco Polo Club and Asia Miles, the travel reward program. Members of Marco Polo are automatically enrolled as Asia Miles members. In 1974, Cathay Pacific almost purchased the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 to open a new flight route. During the flight route application process with the British government, due to the pressure from the British government, Cathay Pacific changed the application to apply for a route from Hong Kong to London using a Boeing 747. The application was ultimately rejected.[30] In 1979, the airline acquired its first Boeing 747 and applied for traffic rights to fly to London in 1980, with the first flight taking place on 16 July. The 2000s saw Cathay Pacific experience labour relations issues while completing the acquisition of Dragonair.[45]

Cathay was especially worried when Hong Kong Airlines was planning European expansion and talking to Virgin Atlantic for a partnership between Hong Kong and London, Cathay’s most profitable European route.For passengers with babies the seats 60DEG have bassinets, position of which may be bothersome.Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. (CPA), also known as Cathay Pacific or Cathay, is the flag carrier of Hong Kong, with its head office and main hub located at Hong Kong International Airport. The airline's operations and subsidiaries have scheduled passenger and cargo services to more than 190[5][6] destinations in more than 60 countries worldwide including codeshares and joint ventures. Cathay Pacific operates a fleet consisting of Airbus A330, Airbus A350 and Boeing 777 wide-body aircraft.[7] Cathay Pacific Cargo operates two models of the Boeing 747. Wholly owned subsidiary airline Cathay Dragon operates to 44 destinations in the Asia-Pacific region from its Hong Kong base. In 2010, Cathay Pacific and Cathay Pacific Cargo, together with Cathay Dragon, carried nearly 27 million passengers and over 1.8 million tons of cargo and mail. “There were only about 50 of them built, and if we could we would probably buy all 50,” Slosar said of the -300.

In the late 1940s, the Hong Kong government divided the local aviation market between Cathay Pacific and its only local competitor, the Jardine Matheson-owned Hong Kong Airways:[13]:117–118 Cathay Pacific was allocated routes to the south (including South-East Asia and Australia), while Hong Kong Airways was allocated routes to the north (including mainland China, Korea, and Japan). The situation changed with the establishment of the People's Republic of China and the Korean War, which reduced the viability of the northern routes. In 1959, Cathay Pacific acquired Hong Kong Airways,[16] and became the dominant airline in Hong Kong. On 9 July 2001, reportedly following a comprehensive review of the employment histories of all its pilots, the company fired 49 of its 1,500 pilots. This group became known colloquially as "the 49ers". Nearly half of the fired pilots were captains, representing five percent of the total pilot group. Of the 21 officers of the HKAOA, nine were fired, including four of the seven union negotiators.[47]

Auch hier gilt: Den ermäßigten Preis bekommen auch Partner von Bahncard-50-Inhabern, wenn sie eine Partnerkarte bestellen. Die Bahncard 50 für die zweite Klasse rechnet sich, wenn Sie für mehr als rund 770 Euro im Jahr Fahrkarten zum Normalpreis kaufen. Geben Sie weniger aus, fahren Sie mit der Bahncard 25 günstiger. 770 Euro zum Normalpreis entsprechen zum Beispiel acht einfachen Fahrten. Der Preis der BahnCard richtet sich danach für wen, in welcher Klasse, für wie lange, welche Höhe der Ermäßigung erworben wird. Es gibt die BahnCard für Erwachsene, Kinder, Jugendliche, Senioren oder Partnerkarten für Ehe- und Lebenspartner. Sie können die BahnCard für die 2.Klasse oder für Fahrten in der 1.Klasse erwerben. Die BahnCard hat eine Geltungsdauer von einem Jahr und. In Business class, toilets and galleys are at the front of each section and baby bassinet seats are at row 20.**Shareholding held through subsidiary at 25%, another 24% held through an economic interest with total holding at 49%

Hong Kong Airlines started ending long-haul last year and scaled back regional flights. Its most optimistic future was as a regional carrier with possible select long-haul supplements later. Cathay no longer needs the latest long-haul aircraft to boost its efficiency over Hong Kong Airlines, which as a younger operator had some natural cost advantages.Asia Miles is a loyalty and frequent-flyer program where members can earn Asia Miles with more than 500 partners in 9 categories: Airlines, Hotels, Finance & Insurance, Dining & Banquets, Retail, Travel & Leisure, Cars & Transport, Telecoms and Professional Services. Members can also earn miles when shopping online through iShop which offers a variety of products and brands. Members can use the miles to redeem travel, electronic items, culinary items, concert tickets, and other lifestyle awards. It was named "Best Frequent Flyer Program" at the 2011 Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Travel Awards ceremony.[121] Passenger Boeing 777-300/ER represents family of wide-body, two-engine airplanes Triple Seven (T7) and is elongated model of Boeing 777-200.

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