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W klimacie środkowej Polski ostrokrzew meserveae Heckenfee (ilex meserveae Heckenfee) w sprzyjających warunkach może dorastać do wysokości ok. 150 cm (w regionach o łagodniejszym klimacie). Rośnie dość powoli, ok. 5-10 cm rocznie. Jego wysokość i szerokość można ograniczać poprzez cięcie, które przeprowadzamy wiosną po. Reported to be a suitable pollinator for Heckenfee. Due to COVID-19, we are open for pre-orders and curbside pickup only. Check out our Plant Lists (PDF's) and email or call to place your order. Ilex x meserveae 'Heckenstar' PP 14308. Heckenstar Meserve Hybrid Holly

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Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Ilex, Blue Holly, Meserve Holly, Meserve Hybrid Holly (Ilex x meserveae) 'Castle Wall' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles.. Also very important when talking about password security is not to use actual dictionary words. Many hacker programs start with long lists of common passwords and then move on to the whole dictionary. This is much faster than a brute force attack because there are way less options. Genus Ilex can be deciduous or evergreen shrubs and trees with often spiny leaves, small white flowers (male and female usually on separate plants) and, on female plants, showy berries in autumn Details Blue Princess is a bushy, spreading evergreen shrub to 2.5m tall, with dark spiny, blue-green leaves to 6cm long, and bright red berries in.

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4-mrt-2017 - Ilex crenata, Japanse hulst, het perfecte ziektevrije alternatief voor buxus. Je kan ook kieezen voor Ilex x meserveae 'Blue Prince' of 'Heckenfee' Your password repeats the same letters, numbers, and/or symbols. Make it stronger by replacing repeated characters with unique ones.

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  1. Ilex meserveae 'Heckenstar' Aktuální výška 80-100 cm. Samčí kultivar, netvoří bobule. Skvělý opylovač pro odrůdu Heckenfee. Hustý keř dorůstá do výšky 2-3m, listy jsou tmavě zelené, s namodralým nádechem. Ideální na živé ploty
  2. Other common names blue holly [Blue Prince] . Synonyms Ilex × meserveae 'Blue Prince' . Family Aquifoliaceae . Genus Ilex can be deciduous or evergreen shrubs and trees with often spiny leaves, small white flowers (male and female usually on separate plants) and, on female plants, showy berries in autum
  3. Ilex meserveae Heckenstar is a beautiful holly with glossy deep green foliage that though serrated are not sharp. It's a male holly so it will not fruit, the benefit is a much bushier plant with more leaf and vigour. Or you can dot it among the female partner Heckenfee to pollinate her
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  5. Hulst - Ilex Meserveae 'Heckenfee' Ilex Meservae Heckenfee is een kleine struik die kan uitgroeien tot ongeveer 4 meter. De plant heeft paarszwarte stengels en stekelige donkergroene bladeren. Omdat dit de vrouwelijke plant is, produceert deze felle rode besjes als er een mannelijke plant in de buurt staat
  6. Ilex x meserveae 'Heckenfee' Ostrokrzew Meservy 'Heckenfee' Zimozielony krzew, dorastający do 2-3 m wysokości. Przyrasta rocznie 15-20 cm. Pędy pionowo wzniesione. Liście skórzaste, z ostrymi ząbkami niekłującymi, niebieskozielone, błyszczące. Owoce jaskrawoczerwone, liczne, utrzymujące się w łagodne zimy do wiosny
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Ilex meserveae 'Heckenfee' I. meserveae 'Hachfee' Compact shrub, upright habit, very slow-growing (15-20 cm per year). Ilex meserveae 'Blue Maid' From €23.00 Ilex aquifolium 'Argentea Marginata' From €34.00 Halesia carolina From. Ever wondered just how secure your password really is? How long it would take someone to break into your email, facebook, or other sensitive materials that are online? L'Ilex meserveae Magical Littel Rascal est un adorable petit houx doté d'un beau feuillage persistant, dense et épineux, d'un vert foncé brillant, se teintant de pourpre en hiver. Parfait dans un petit jardin, à commander en ligne

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  1. Holly Collection /Ilex meserveae. 1. Blue Angel : 2. Blue Bunny : 3. Blue Feather : 4. Blue Maid : 5. Blue Prince : 6
  2. L'ilex meserveae 'Heckenstar'est un nouveau cultivar de houx américain qui se distingue par l'élégance de son port, en pyramide dense et régulière, et la beauté de son feuillage piquant d'un vert-bleuté sombre et luisant.Cet arbuste mâle, qui ne porte pas de fruits, a également été sélectionné pour son aptitude à polliniser de nombreuses variétés femelles qui pourront.
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  4. Broadleaf Evergreens . Ilex x meserveae 'Heckenfee' PP 14310 Heckenfee Meserve Hybrid Holly . available at nursery. Ilex x meserveae 'Heckenstar' PP 14308 Heckenstar Meserve Hybrid Holly Ilex x meserveae 'Spring Surprise' Spring Surprise Meservea Hybrid Holly . available at nursery . Sign up for product updates, promotions & events info.
  5. Ilex meserveae hachfee je zimzeleni grm koji je stubaste forme. Raste veoma sporo i dostiže visinu 2-3 m. Podnosi veoma niske temperature (-25) i nema oštećenja od jakih mrazeva. Listovi su tamno zelene boje, kožasti i sjajni. Plod su crvene bobice koje predstavljaju ukras ovom grmu
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You seem to be using a common dictionary word or frequently used password (such as password1). Passwords like this have a higher chance of being hacked. Make it stronger by using a mixed set of letters, digits, and symbols. Another solution is to string together several words or phrases.Additionally, if someone were to simply copy the Chrome password SQLite database file and try to access it on another computer, ChromePass would display empty passwords for the same reason explained above.That's a bit too short for a password. Make it stronger by adding more characters. Try stringing together several words or phrases to create a passphrase. De Ilex x meserveae 'Heckenfee' (Nederlandse naam: Hulst 'Heckenfee') is een zeer winterharde hulst die uitstekend geschikt is voor het maken van hagen.De ilex of hulst 'Heckenfee' heeft schitterend donkergroen blad, met een mooie glans. Hulst 'Heckenfee' bereikt binnen 10 jaar maximaal een hoogte van 3,00 meter. Hulst 'Heckenfee' is een vrouwelijke hulst en deze ontwikkelt na de bloei.

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Chrome, includes its own password manager which is accessible via Options > Personal Stuff > Manage saved passwords. This is nothing new and if you allow Chrome to store you passwords, you are probably already aware of this feature. Ilex Meserveae 'Heckenfee' er en form for Kristtorn der er meget hårdfør, og egner sig godt til at være en hæk. Bestil dine hække online i dag! Created with Sketch. Cookies. Fortæl os, hvilke cookies vi må placere. Når du klikker på 'Væsentlige cookies', indsamler vi ikke personlige data, og du hjælper os med at forbedre webstedet Ilex aquifolium (dansk: almindelig kristtorn, eller blot kristtorn) anvendes ofte til hæk.Alle de arter af kristtorn, der tilbydes på Haekplanteronline.dk, er stedsegrønne og egner sig udmærket til hæk. Plantens sylespidse torne gør, at hækken bliver næsten uigennemtrængelig efter nogle år The Castle Ilex are new varieties of blue holly compact, pyramidal forms. Their dark glossy leaves, superior vigor and branching make them an improvement over other older varieties. Prune to shape immediately after flowering Ilex meserveae Heckenfee ®-EU-S. von: Motz . Meisterfragen zum Thema: Frage Nr. 23597: ilex. Werter Herr Meyer, ich würde gerne eine immergrüne Hecke pflanzen. Sie soll aus Pflanzen bestehen die den Vögeln Schutz und Nahrung bieten. Ich dachte dabei an Ilex. Den mit den Beeren. Heckenfee ist weiblich, Heckenstar männlich

De Ilex x meserveae 'Heckenstar' (Nederlandse naam: Hulst 'Heckenstar') is een zeer winterharde hulst die uitstekend geschikt is voor het maken van hagen. De hulst 'Heckenstar' heeft schitterend donkergroen blad, met een mooie glans. Hulst 'Heckenstar' bereikt binnen 10 jaar maximaal een hoogte van 3,00 meter Ilex meserveae 'Heckenfee'® - Kristtorn. Sorten 'Heckenfee'® er en ny forbedret sort. Tæt busket, stedsegrøn busk. blågrønne blade til 5 cm lange og lyserøde bær om efteråret og vinteren. Leveres med klump eller i C 2,0 - 5,0 ltr Ilex Meserveae Heckenfee or Ilex Meserveae Castle Spire, also known as Blue Holly Heckenfee Evergreen Ilex Meserveae Heckenfee is a female, upright variety of the popular blue holly.Officially known as Ilex Meserveae Castle Spire, this cultivar was first selected in Germany in 1998 and is actually a cross between our native Ilex aquifolium and Ilex rugosa Find the perfect stechpalme stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now

Ilex meserveae Heckenfee aus die eigene Gärtnerei Alle Ilex messerveae Heckenfee Pflanzen stammen aus der eigenen Gärtnerei von Heckenpflanzentotal.de. Wir haben jahrelange Erfahrung im Züchten von Heckenpflanzen. Mit Heckenfee Pflanzen von uns sind Sie sicher, hochwertige Qualität zum günstigen Preis zu bekommen Join Gardenia.net. Create a membership account to save your garden designs and to view them on any device. Becoming a contributing member of Gardenia is easy and can be done in just a few minutes

Ilex Meserveae 'Heckenstar' - Holly hedge Hedgeplants

Cezmína Heckenfee, Ilex meserveae , 50 cm, kontajner 5l. 32,58 € ks. Cezmína ostrolistá Pyramidalis Aurea Marginata, Ilex aquifolium, 30 cm, kontajner 3l. 19,90 € ks. Dostavájte novinky na Váš email. 0910 586 092 od 9:00 do 15:00 (pondelok-piatok). Ilex x meserveae 'Heckenfee' (dansk navn: Kristtorn 'Heckenfee') er en meget hårdfør art af kristtorn, der egner sig meget godt til hæk.Kristtorn 'Heckenfee' har smukke, mørkegrønne blade med en flot glans. Kristtorn 'Heckenfee' når en højde på op til 3,00 m inden for 10 år Note. All of this is done in your browser so your password never gets sent back to our server. This helps make sure that your password is not sent over the internet and keeps it anonymous. ILEX meserveae Heckenstar is the male form of ILEX meserveae Heckenstars, which is a hybrid of Holly. It is an excellent pollinator for the female forms, which produce berries. Aside from being a pollinator for female hollies, ILEX meserveae Heckenstar can also be planted to create a hedge, but there will be no berries

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Ilex x meserveae 'Hachfee' Plant Patent #14,310. Sku #7495. Excellent selection with bright red berries, dark glossy foliage, vigorous growth and branching habit on a compact, narrow, pyramidal form. Thrives in damp soil; native to swampy and boggy areas. Great for borders, screens, hedges, foundation plantings Le genre Ilex (Houx) comprend environ 400 espèces, originaires des régions tropicales ou tempérées. Ilex x meserveae est un hybride obtenu en 1964 par l'américain William Kosar - Arnold Arboretum - en croisant Ilex aquifolium et rugosa. Il porte le nom de Madame F. Leighton Meserve qui consacra sa vie à l'hybridation des houx. 'Heckenstar' est une variété horticole récente. Cet. Castle Spire ® holly is a female variety; a male variety, like Castle Wall ®, must be planted nearby in order for fruit to form.One male will pollinate up to 5 females. Plant within 50'/15.25m of each other to ensure pollination. It's best to avoid pruning female hollies, as cutting them back at any time of the year will result in diminished flowers and subsequent fruit

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  1. or security is that you must first click the show button next to each password you want to view.
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  3. Botanical name. Ilex x meserveae 'Little Rascal' Other names. Blue holly 'Little Rascal', Ilex x meserveae 'Mondo' Genus. Ilex Ilex. Variety or Cultivar 'Little Rascal' _ 'Little Rascal' is a compact, dense, rounded, male evergreen shrub with ovate, glossy, spiny, bright green leaves, deep purple in winter, and white flowers in spring
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  5. One of the most popular female hybrid holly selections, Ilex x meserveae 'Blue Princess' is a bushy, spreading, broadleaf evergreen shrub with excellent year round interest. It produces abundant small white flowers in spring that give way to a profusion of attractive bright red berries in fall. Extremely showy, they enliven the winter landscape and persist throughout winter
  6. Le genre Ilex (Houx) comprend environ 400 espèces, originaires des régions tropicales ou tempérées. Ilex x meserveae est un hybride obtenu en 1964 par l'américain William Kosar - Arnold Arboretum - en croisant Ilex aquifolium et rugosa. Il porte le nom de Madame F. Leighton Meserve qui consacra sa vie à l'hybridation des houx. 'Heckenfee' est une variété horticole récente. Cet arbuste.
  7. Die Stechpalme 'Heckenfee' (auf Lateinisch: Ilex meserveae 'Heckenfee') ist eine sehr winterharte Stechpalme, die sich ausgezeichnet zur Verwendung in Hecken eignet. Wir haben auch japanischen Stechpalmen in unserem Sortiment, die hervorragend als Buchsbaum-Ersatz zu verwenden sind, wenn Ihre Region viel mit Buchsbaum-Krankheiten zu kämpfen hat. Die Stechpalme 'Heckenfee' hat wunderschöne.

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  1. Stechpalme Heckenfee. Ilex Meserveae 'Heckenfee' ist ein kleiner, buschiger Strauch, der bis zu 4 Meter hoch wird. Die Pflanzen haben violettschwarze Stängel und stachelige dunkelgrüne Blätter. Da dies die weibliche Form ist, produziert es viele leuchtend rote Beeren, wobei die männliche Form in der Nähe ist
  2. Castle Spire Blue Holly (Ilex) Live Evergreen Shrub, White Flowers to Red Berries, 1 Gal. 9.25 in. Pot - Bordeaux Yaupon Holly(Ilex), Live Evergreen Shrub, Burgundy-Red New Foliage: 9.25 in. Pot - Compacta Japanese Holly(Ilex), Live Evergreen Shrub: 9.25 in. Pot - Carissa Holly(Ilex), Live Dwarf Evergreen Shrub, Glossy Foliage with a Single.
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  4. Genre: Ilex Espèce: x meserveae Famille: Aquifoliacées Origine: Croisement horticole entre Ilex aquifolium et Ilex rugosa. Le Houx de Meserve est un arbuste au port buissonnant, conique et dense et au feuillage persistant. D'une croissance assez lente, il mesure de 1,50 à 4 mètres de haut pour un étalement d'environ 2,50 mètres
  5. Pyramidal varieties of Ilex x meserveae offer the classic glossy, evergreen Holly foliage in a form that brings vertical interest to any planting. Effective grouped, or used as a focal point amongst mixed perennials and shrubs. Female varieties produce dainty berries. Uses. Great for texture in borders, use for hedging or foundations
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  7. Growing Castle Wall® Blue Holly Heckenstar Bushes. Heckenstar is a hybrid created by Hans Hackmann of Germany in 1998. He crossed the Ilex aquifolium Pyramidalis and Ilex x meserveae Blue Prince. The results produced a shrub that can grow upright to a height of eight feet with a narrow spread up to four feet

"The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least."Unknown Author Perfectly Planting Cucumbers, Squash & Zucchini: Making the Planting Hole & 2 Top Mistakes to Avoid - Duration: 12:39. Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) 397,994 view

Heckenfee® je velmi nová odrůda modré cesmíny z Německa, patentovaná teprve v roce 2000 pěstitelem Hansem Hachmannem. Jedná se o samičí verzi křížence jménem Heckenstar®, takže plodí červené bobulky.Mimo Evropu má obchodní jméno Castle Spire™. Jedná se o velmi mrazuvzdorný keř s přísně vzpřímeným, hustým, poměrně rychlým růstem pyramidálního tvaru A passphrase is simply a password, that’s longer, it could be a sentence, with spaces and punctuation in it. The benefit of a passphrase is that typically they’re easier to remember, but more difficult to crack due to their length. For every additional character in the length of a password or passphrase, the time it would take to break increases exponentially. Ultimately that means that having a long password or passphrase can make you far more secure than having a short one with some symbols or numbers in it.  Ilex x meserveae 'Heckenfee'- Termős 3L- es konténerben: I109: készleten: 5.495 Ft: Kosárba » Ilex x meserveae 'Heckenstar' 10L-es konténerben: I067 Ilex meserveae 'Heckenfee' has a thin upright and remarkably dense growth. The dark elegant green foliage has a nice deep gloss. In the early season deep red glossy berries of almost 1 cm appear

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Webshop for hedge plants-Ilex crenata nursery Both private individuals and professionals can visit our webshop/tree nursery for a specialized assortment of hedge plants such as Ilex crenata, in-store, Ivy, Taxus and so much more! Ilex meserveae 'Heckenfee' 40-60 cm -hulst (prikt niet Castle Spire Blue Holly (Ilex) Live Evergreen Shrub, White Flowers to Red Berries, 4.5 in. qt. Partial to full sun, zones: 5-7, grows 6-10 ft. tall/3-4 ft. wide Lustrous dark green foliage lasts all yea Ilex meserveae Heckenfee: 60/80: Ø 30+ Ilex meserveae Heckenfee: 100/120: Ø 40/50 : Ilex meserveae Heckenfee: 120/+ Ø 40/50 : Ilex meserveae Heckenfee: 175/+ gestokt : Ilex meserveae Heckenfee: 200/+ gestokt : Ilex meserveae Heckenfee: 225/+ gestokt : Ilex meserveae Heckenpracht: 60/80: Ø 40+ Ilex meserveae Heckenpracht: 80/100: Ø 40+ Ilex.

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Ilex x meserveae [Blue Princess] = 'Conapri' (f) holly

Ebenso bietet sich der Ilex meserveae 'Heckenfee' als Unterpflanzung von Gehölzen an. Besonders im Winter ist seine immergrüne Belaubung, in der Kombination auch mit anderen immergrünen Pflanzen, ein Blickfang. Gesellige Pflanzpartner sind hier Efeu, Buchsbaum, Kirschlorbeer, Eibe oder Mahonie. Der Ilex (Stechpalmen) ist unter vielen anderen. Noteworthy Characteristics. Ilex x meserveae, commonly known as Meserve holly or blue holly, is an evergreen hybrid holly that typically grows to 6-8' tall, but occasionally to as much as 15' tall.In the 1950s, Kathleen K. Meserve of St. James, New York made crosses between I. aquifolium (English holly - winter hardy to Zone 7) and I. rugosa (Tsuru holly - winter hardy to Zone 3) for. Ilex Meserveae 'Blue Prince' Ilex Blue Prince er en vinter-hårdfør variant af kristtorn, som er vokset til at danne en hæk. Dens grene har en skinnende, blågrøn farve og bør plantes ved siden af sin kvindelige variant Ilex Blue Maid. Når bestøvning finder sted, producerer den kvindelige variant dekorative, lyserøde bær Ilex meserveae 'Heckenpracht'® - Kristtorn Sorten 'Heckenpracht'® er en ny forbedret sort. Tæt busket, stedsegrøn busk. nye blade har et bronze skær, senere blågrønne blade til 5 cm lange og hvide blomster. Nødvendig for at bestøve 'Heckenfee'® Leveres med klump eller i C 2,0 - 5,0 ltr

The CASTLE SPIRE Heckenfee comes from a cross between the Pyramidalis (Ilex aquitolium) and Blue Prince (Ilex meserveae). Heckenfee is also a female variety with a male counterpart, the Heckenstar . If you are interested in aiding pollination for this species you will need to have a compatible male pollinator on the property, such as the. However, because your Windows account password is a constant, access to the “master password” is not exclusive to Chrome as external utilities can get to this data – and decrypt it – as well. Using the freely available utility ChromePass by NirSoft, you can see all your saved password data and easily export it to a plain text file. Die Ilex meserveae 'Heckenfee' ist eine relativ neue Sorte in unserem Sortiment. Sie wächst als straff aufrechter, säulenförmiger Großstrauch. Besonders ist der kupferfarbene Austrieb, der nach und nach vergrünt. Auch hier ziert der rote Fruchtschmuck den gesamten Strauch. Zusätzlich gilt 'Heckenfee' als besonders winterhart.

Ilex meserveae 'Heckenfee' je rychle rostoucí, stálezelený keř z čeledi Aquifoliaceae - cesmínovité. Dorůstá do výšky 2-3 m a vytváří hustý, pyramidální keř. Má tmavě zelené až modrozelené listy s jemně zubatým okrajem. Hojně kvete v květnu až červnu nenápadnými bělavými květy v paždí listů, ze kterých se později tvoří červené nejedlé, pro ptáky. Ilex meserveae 'Heckenstar' is an evergreen shrub with beautifully glossy, deep green serrated leaves that do not sting. 'Heckenstar' grows faster than 'Blue Prince', one of its parents, and has very dense branching. In a year it may grow 20 to 30 (50 to 80 cm). 'Heckenstar' is very hardy and can easily be grown as a hedge Ilex Meserveae Blue Princess. The evergreen Ilex Meserveae Blue Princess holly has medium size, blue-green, spiky leaves.It produces tiny flowers in spring followed by stunning red berries in autumn. Ilex x Meserveae derives from Ilex Aquifolium (our native English Holly) and Ilex Rugosa (Japanese holly).. If left to its own devices, Ilex Meserveae Blue Princess grows into a very bushy shrub. Meserveae hollies are called blue hollies thanks to the shade of the species leaves that are dark green with bluish tint. And the name meserveae was chosen for its cultivator, Kathleen Meserve, who, literally on her windowsill, made a cross of ilex rugosa and ilex aquifolium in 1950´s to achieve excellent cold hardiness on a fabulously.

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Ilex meserveae Heckenfee is one of the most popular and best hedge shrubs. You need to plant it with a male for pollination to take place. Being a low maintenance plant, you only need to prune once a year. Once established, Ilex meserveae Heckenfee plants don't need watering except during hot summer months. The plants also have a broad. To perform the encryption (on Windows), Chrome uses a Windows provided API function which makes the encrypted data only decipherable by the Windows user account used to encrypt the password. So essentially, your master password is your Windows account password. As a result, once you are logged into Windows using your account this data is decipherable by Chrome.Suppose your computer is stolen and the thief resets your Windows password in order to natively to your installation. If they were to subsequently try to view the passwords in Chrome or use the ChromePass utility, the password data would not be available. The reason is simple as the “master password” (which was your Windows account password prior to them forcefully resetting it outside of Windows) does not match so the decryption fails. Ilex meserveae heckenfee & heckenpracht (Holly - New Variety!) SKU: £28.35. £28.35 - £40.50. Unavailable per item A very dense and dark green Holly with large 1cm berries. This new cultivar is extremely handsome, hardy and makes a truly wonderful hedge. Heckenfree is the female while Heckenpracht is the mal ILEX X MESERVEAE HECKENFEE - Blue Holly Characteristics Heckenfee holly is an upright version of the blue holly (Ilex x meserveae). It makes a dense shrub, so is ideal for hedging, but can also be trained into a handsome small tree. As a tree it is very small, for it only grows to about 4m. The glossy green leaves are tinged blue, hence the common name

Ilex meserveae Heckenfee is a beautiful holly with glossy deep green foliage that though serrated are not sharp. It's a female holly so it get's heavily covered with fruit. You ought to dot in the odd male partner Heckenstar to pollinate her if you do not have any other holly about. More Information. Cultural Summary. General Species (Ilex x meserveae): Cold-hardy shrubs with high-quality, dark, glossy, blue-green evergreen foliage and colorful fruits on female plants.This specific taxon ('Hachfee'): Dense, pyramidal, 10' female evergreen holly with dark green leaves and red fruits Ilex × meserveae 'Heckenfee' (='Hachfee') - Amerikaanse hulst | De Tuinen van Appeltern. Het grootste tuininspiratiepark van Nederland. The small, white flowers are followed by bright red fruits on female trees in winter. Ilex aquifolium is widely distributed in forests from Europe to Iran and. Plants-n-Things Plants N Things - Store Front. Ilex meserveae 'Heckenfee'® thrives in full sun as well as in deep shade. It can handle any garden soil, whether acidic or alkaline. The dense plants are used by songbirds as a hiding place, for sleeping or as a nesting site Find out right here. Simply start typing in your password and the form will tell you about how long it would take a brute force attack to get into your personal business.

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Ilex meserveae 'Heckenfee': pyramidal habit, 2001 by H. Hachmann, Germany, excellent winter hardiness Ilex aquifolium 'Maderensis Variegata' : no dense habit, the annual growth being 10 cm long Ilex aquifolium 'Ammerland': broadly columnar habit, sport of 'Camelliifolia' in 1970 by H. Bruns, German Ilex meserveae 'Heckenstar' je rychle rostoucí, stálezelený keř z čeledi Aquifoliaceae - cesmínovité. Dorůstá do výšky 2-3 m a vytváří hustý, pyramidální keř. Má tmavě zelené až modrozelené listy s jemně zubatým okrajem. Hojně kvete v květnu až červnu nenápadnými bělavými květy v paždí listů. 'Heckenstar' je samčí kultivar, který sice nevytváří.

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Ilex meserveae 'Heckenfee' / Stechpalme 'Heckenfee' 150Wildobstschnecke - Ilex meserveae Heckenfee (S

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Blue Holly Ilex Meserveae Heckenfee Ilex Castle Spir

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